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Our goal is to provide our shareholders, potential shareholders and financial analysts with convenient access to Powertel's financial and operating data. We think you will find this information timely and informative. Please let us know what additional information we can provide to help you in your investment decisions.

Traded on NASDAQ-AMEX under the "PTEL" symbol, Powertel became a public company in February, 1994, as a provider of rural cellular service in Alabama and Georgia under the InterCel family (formally listed as ICEL). Today, Powertel is the leading wireless personal communications services (PCS) provider in the southeastern United States.

Powertel, Inc. provides 100 percent digital PCS wireless services in its licensed service area in 12 states in the Southeast - the largest contiguous PCS network in the southeastern United States. Through its affiliation with other GSM carriers, Powertel's coverage extends across the Unites States to most major cities and into much of Canada to a population of 180 million people. Powertel's core markets are in 34 southeastern metropolitan areas and along the major highway corridors that connect them. Athens, Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Birmingham, Chattanooga, Jackson, Jacksonville, Knoxville, Lexington, Louisville, Macon, Memphis, Nashville and Savannah are among the municipalities in Powertel's licensed service area, which has a population of approximately 24.3 million people. Powertel offers consumers and businesses a variety of compact handsets from Ericsson, Nokia, and Mitsubishi.

Powertel is the largest wireless Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) provider in the southeastern United States. GSM technology allows Powertel to offer secure PCS phones with a removable Subscriber Identity Module (SIM). The SIM, or "smart card," is a digitally encoded microprocessor with a customer's subscriber information, including phone number, calling plan, personal phone book and calling records.

With a small, yet powerful, computer chip embedded in its surface, the SIM can be used in any GSM handset in the world. GSM is the leading North American and global PCS technology which allows Powertel to offer fraud protection and a range of wireless features not available through cellular and other PCS technologies.

Powertel is also a member of the GSM Alliance, L.L.C., a consortium of U.S. and Canadian digital wireless PCS carriers, which helps provide seamless wireless communications for its customers, whether in North America in more than 4,000 U.S. and Canadian cities and towns, or abroad. Using Global System for Mobile (GSM) communications, GSM companies provide superior voice clarity, unparalleled security and leading-edge wireless voice, data and fax features for customers. 4.8 million customers are using GSM service in 46 U.S. States, the District of Columbia, and four Canadian Provinces, including eight of the top 10 and 20 of the top 25 wireless markets. For more information on the GSM Alliance, visit its web site: www.gsm.org.

Powertel is backed by seasoned equity partners with broad experience in the energy and telecommunications industries. SCANA Communications, Inc., one of Powertel's largest shareholders, is a wholly owned subsidiary of SCANA Corporation (NYSE: SCG), an energy-based holding company headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina, which is principally engaged, through subsidiaries, in electric and natural gas utility operations, telecommunications and other energy-related businesses.

ITC Holding Company, another large shareholder, based in West Point, Georgia, was formed in 1989 as a holding company for two independent telephone companies, Interstate Telephone Company and Valley Telephone Company. Privately owned by the Lanier family, management, and certain strategic investors, ITC has compiled an enviable track record in starting, funding, and operating successful telecommunications related businesses over a seventeen year period.

Another significant Powertel shareholder is Sonera, Finland's leading telecommunications company with subsidiaries and associated companies in 14 countries. Internationally, Sonera is a pioneer in the rapidly growing business areas of mobile, data and media communications.

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