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M U L T I P L E   S E R I E S
The ASC+ Archive houses fan and slash fiction based on Star Trek from alt.startrek.creative and its subdivisions, ASCA and ASCEM. 

Alara's Q-niverse 
Links to all of Alara's Q fan fiction and reviews and to Q-related sites. 

Alex's Startrek Page 
Collection of parodies from TOS, TNG and DS9. 

All Kinds o' Fanfic 
Only VOY and DS9 so far, but with more to come. 

Amothea's Angst Archive 
Collections of DS9 and Voyger angsty slash stories (NC-17). 

And now for Something Completely Different 
An archive of Star Trek parodies on a Monty Python theme. Also to include favorite Star Trek parodies in other 'genres', as well as links to other Star Trek humor sites. 

Archives of the Darkman 
Frank Darcy's archive includes stories from all universes. 

ASC Index Selection Page 
A mini selection of the available categories at the Official ASC Index Web Pages summarizing stories posted to the newsgroup Alt.Startrek.Creative 

B5, Voyager, DS9, and Star Wars Page 
A variety of stories. 

Biku's Bookshelf 
Contains TOS and Voyager stories. 

CDS218's Fan Fiction Page 
The Dominion War rolls right along in the Dispatches series. Stories include characters from TNG and DS9. 

Crown of Erin Awards 1998 Winners 
The best relationship stories from TNG, DS9 and VOY 

Dark Side of the Sun: Observatory 
Nancy Brown's treksmut 

David Tremel's Star Trek Fan Fiction Site 
Dave's most excellent archive of stories by various authors and from all universes. 

EC Tobler's Fanfic Page 
Fanfic by E. Catherine Tobler. All series but mostly Voyager. Some good stuff! 

Fanfic World: StarTrek 
A growing collection of stories from all universes. 

New all universe story site with a few DS9 stories so far. 

Far Above the Stars  NEW 
Mostly Voyager (J/C) fanfic with one TNG story. 

FedChron Stories Archive 
Collection of ~10 stories from the Federation Chronicles. Mix of all series. 

Federation Foil, The 
Boldly printing the Truth and Mayhem for 517 years. An irreverent take on a little bit of everything 

Well designed site with stories form all universes. 

Flag Waver, The 
Mostly TNG (and P/C) stories by Marina, with a few DS9 and one Voyager stories. 

GiffStein Productions 
A good collection of smut from all universes, plus a seperate page of TNG and Voyager non-smut 

Great Hall of Warrior Tales 
P/T, W/Troi stories and more. 

Hannah R.H.'s Mushy, Angsty, Racy Scifi Fanfic 
A handful of stories from DS9 and Voyager. 

Holosuite Alpha 
A nicely designed archive of 30+ non-explicit stories from all universes. 

Home of Shelby, The 
TNG and DS9 stories, six in English and three in German. 

Idylls of the Wizard 
TNG fanfic plus a Gargoyles/DS9 cross 

J.C.A. Wevers Selection of stories 
Selection of 14 stories from a.s.c. Mostly TNG (w/Galactica crossover), with one DS9 and several original universe stories. 

JADannay's Star Trek Home Page 
Currently contains DS9 (J/J) and VOY (P/T) fanfic. 

JanF's Star Trek Fanfic NEW 
P/T (Voy) and R/T (TNG) fanfic. 

Jane St. Clair's Fan Fiction 
NC-17 stories, mostly Voyager but also a TOS and TNG story. 

JoAnne Soper-Cook's Fanfic 
Includes Q, Data and Voyager stories. 

Johinsa's Sci-Fi Page 
TOS and Voyager stories. 

John's Star Trek Page 
Combination of TNG, Voyager and original universe stories. 

Kessel Run, The 
Stories from TNG, DS9 and Voy. Includes the Trial of Gul Dukat series (caution: most files stored zipped). 

Lady Perrin 's Star Trek Poetry Archive 
Poetry from all series and from a variety of authors. 

Lal's Fan Fiction Page 
Several stories from TNG, with a few from DS9 and Voyager. 

Laura's Star Trek Fanfiction 
Includes TNG, DS9 (the Dukat's Redemption series) and Voyager stories. 

LoneWriter's Web Pag 
Variety of stories including several Sarak/Amanda stories by Rob Morris. 

Lori Grenci's Home Page 
ST erotica; one a Voyager/SW cross and two TNG stories. 

Meana's Fan Fiction 
Both DS9 and Voyager (mostly P/T) stories. 

Mr. Mike's Star Trek Fanfic  NEW 
Features Voyager - The Delta Federation: Voyager should never have tried to return to the Alpha Quadrant. Plus his Cats series, humor collection, and a little bit of everything else. 

Niamh's Poetry Page 
Verse from TNG, DS9 and Voyager. 

Romance stories from all universes (includes NC-17 and slash). 

Not Your Grandmother's Star Trek 
Mostly TOS, but also some TNG and VOY. Includes some NC-17. 

PythonTrek Page, The 
And now for something completely different...the website that answers the cosmically unasked question, What if Star Trek were written by the gang that brought you Monty Python's Flying Circus? 

Q Fan Fiction Library Index 
Stories in all universes starring our favorite omnipotent being 

R'rain's Coffeehouse 
Collection of DS9 (G/B) and Voyager (P/K) stories. 

Raku2u's Home Page 
Variety of TOS, Voyager stories, some slash and one TNG story (thrown in for good measure?) 

Cartoon satires of all the series. Good stuff! 

SFLAaE/BS Bibliography 
Stories of all universes from The Star Fleet Ladies' Auxiliary and Embroidery/Baking Society. 

SpockSarah's Warped World 
Adult fanfic from DS9 and Voyager. 

Star Trek : The Many Generations 
Mostly ST news and rumors. Contains two stories, one DS9 and one Voyager. 

Star Trek : The Strange Generation 
A Voyager/TNG parody 

Star Trek Fiction 
Includes a TNG/Independance Day cross, plus TNG stories with Section 31. 

Star Trek Film Frontier 
Fanfic devoted to the nine movies. 

Star Trek Slash Archive 
Just what the title says. Includes many NC-17 stories. 

Star Trek Stories 
TOS, TNG and VOY stories. 

Star Trek Stories for All Ages (Newsgroup Archive) 
Archive for alt.startrek.creative.all-ages. 

Star Tricked: The Next Perpetration 
Full-length radio script parodies of Star Trek, called Star Tricked, the Next Perpetration. 

Star Tricked: the Next Perpetration 
A series of radio script parodies of Star Trek; includes characters from TOS and TNG. 

Starfleet Journal 
Fanfic from all universes as well as art, news, and more. 

Story Time 
On-Site Stories at Kattz Web Mostly TNG with a few Voyager stories. 

Tales by the OdoGoddess 
A mostly DS9 site, but with some Voyager stories. 

Tollings of the Belle 
One TNG P/C story and one Voyager story. 

Trakker Dan's Fanfic 
Stories from all series. 

Trekker's Sci-Fi Information Site 
Collection of TNG and DS9 short short stories. 

Treksmut by Robin 
NC-17 stories from all universes. 

Verona: Mercutio's Stories 
Q stories from all universes. 

Watson's Dog Kennel 
Collection of adult Voyager and DS9 fanfic by Charlene. Not adult as in smutty, but adult as in no exploding starships or lovable furry creatures or quick, easy answers. 

Web Site Number 9 - MiSTings 
A smattering of Star Trek fanfic...rewritten as MiST3K shows (all series plus several other shows/commetery). 

Welcome to Trekkerville! 
One DS9 (Nog) story and a TNG/Highlander cross. 

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T H E   O R I G I N A L   S E R I E S
 Ancient Destroyer 
Rob Morris's story of the feud between King Ghidorah and the family of Captain James T. Kirk finds a home! 

Chekov's Enterprise 
Set during and after Act I of Star Trek: Generations, and details how Pavel Chekov finds himself in the center seat of the U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701-B. Written by Randall Landers (Orion Press). 

G-Fan Fiction 
Includes Behold, The Ancient Destroyer!, and features a take on Phase 2, with Kirk and company facing the monster, King Ghidorah. 

Jane Seaton's TOS Fiction Page 
Fiction and links. 

Jean Graham's Home Page 
TOS stories by a well-known B7 author. 

JeanB7's Home Page 
Also includes several TOS stories. 

Judy Gale's Vulcan fanfic site 
A growing collection of JSpock's Vulcan-oriented stories. 

Jungle Kitty's Lair 
TOS smut (including 2 K/S stories). 

Mr. Chekov Page Index 
Yes, he does have one of the more inconsistent Russian accents we've ever heard and does scream often enough to be a Doctor Who companion. But what can we say? We're just suckers for the short, cute, and perpetually imperiled. 

My Caitian World 
Original Star Trek novels, featuring a long-neglected, all-but-forgotten character from the animated series: Lieutenant M'Ress. 

Orion Archives 
For over 10MB of quality Classic Trek fan fiction, visit Orion Press. 

Paul Gadzikowski's Star Trek short fiction 
Includes an (incomplete) conclusion to the Genesis trilogy . 

Russian Inventions 
Chekov fanfic. 

Sidekicks Fan Fiction 
Includes two stories featuring Sulu and Checkov. 

Spooky Tales 
Fanfic with a paranormal twist. Includes two TOS stories. 

Star Trek Services: TOS stories 
Collection of unreviewed stories pulled from other sites 

Stardust Memories 
Includes the Doctor's Logs, Spock's Logs and Dear Sams. 

Steve Wilson's Trek Fiction Page 
Small collection of linked TOS stories plus references to additional stories available via zine. 

TOS and TOS-related stories 
Good collection. Some from a.s.c., some not. 

Welcome to My Web Page! - TOS 
Sharron's Reflection series featuring Christine Chapel. 

Welcome to Ori's Singularity 
Has one Vulcan story. 

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T H E   N E X T   G E N E R A T I O N
All That Picard and Crusher Jazz 
P/C stories by Sylvia. 

Amanda's Fanfic 
Small collection of TNG fanfic 

Barclay's Homepage 
Three stories dedicated to that engineer of the U.S.S. Enterprise. 

BONCPC's Home Page 
TNG (P/C) and Voyager (J/C) stories. 

Brently Fanfic 
Fanfic based on Brent Spiner (Data) and is mainly Trek based (much of it NC-17) 

Christine Francis' T'Laera Page 
Klingon prose, plus TNG crossovers and parodies. 

Christine's Fan Fiction 
Two NC-17 stories, one W/T and the other involving Data. 

Counselor's Quarters, The 
Dedicated to IMZADI fans ... Star Trek Buffs most interested in exploring the relationship between the Counselor and First Officer of the Enterprise-D: Deanna Troi and William Riker 

Data & Geordi Archive 
Stories (NC-17) featuring who else? Data and Geordi. 

Data Stories 
Collection of Data stories culled from a.s.c. All stories are in .zip format. 

Dblnut's Fanfic Index 
A good collection of Data stories. 

DolittleMD's Page of Procrastination 
There's just so much to write about here...P/C stories. 

Door Repair Guy Saga 
A humorous series of adventures in the Star Trek universe. 

Elfin's fanfic 
One slash story set in the First Contact universe. 

Eridani Omnibus On-Line 
Excellent collection of TNG fanfic from various Orion Press zines. 

Espressivo's Salon de Smut 
An ongoing series of vignettes exploring  Data's various sexual techiques. 

If you're looking for some good fanfiction devolted to Brent's many characters, this is the right place! 

Fire Pit, The 
Collection of stories from the keepers of Ql'tu' - the Worf and Deanna Shrine 

Forever Imzadi 
Archive of R/T stories. 

Holosuite Alpha 
Next Generation Stories arranged as to when they occur in the TNG timeline. 

Home of the Insufficantly Reluctant Fan-Fiction Writer 
Home of Stephen's Marissa stories. 

Ilsa's Story Book 
Mostly P/C, though includes a variety of TNG fanfic. 

R/T stories by Licinius. 

Imzadi Stories by Zlanna 
R/T stories by Zlanna. 

Inferno, The 
Everyone has an obsession...P/C fanfic 

Ishani's Universe 
A few TNG stories. 

Janaran Falls 
Fanfic exploring the relationship between Riker and Troi 

P/C stories by Sylvia. 

Kellie's Net.Bibliography 
One novel and two other stories. 

Library, The 
Contains the Data and Lore novel Consciousness. Note that the file is in .RTF (rich text) format. 

MyPicard/Crusher Fanfic 
P/C stories by Lisa. 

P/CStory Index - Jan. '97 
The guide to the internet stories featuring Captain Jean-Luc Picard and CMO, Dr. Beverly Crusher. 

Picard and Crusher Forever! 
Melissa's homepage with a whole lot of P/C (and some J/C thrown in for good measure). 

Picard and Vash Romance Fanfiction 
Whoa Nellie's collection of Picard and Vash romance fan fiction; mostly NC-17. 

Picard's Library 
A growing collection of primarily P/C stories. 

Pleasant Little Kingdom Press Homepage 
Home of the Tapestry Saga, a joint effort from Anna C. Bowling and E. Catherine Tobler, chronicling the life and times of William T. Riker. 

Q the Raven's Home Page 
Most, but not all stories focus on Data. 

Stories by Imz 
R/T stories galore. 

Trek My Way 
Several death stories. 

TrexPhile's Home Page  
Stories for the lovers of P/C fic. 

Varoneeka's Slash, Mush, and More 
Mosly P/Q stories, but a little K/S (NC-17). 

Whose Stupid Idea was It Anyway 
One story in German. 

Wizard of Odds 
Bay's obsession: P/C stories. 

Wolfen's Lair 
Go here for stories written by the wolf. Beware! They are all P/C. 

Zoinky 's Fanfic Page 
Picard/Crusher romances. 

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D E E P   S P A C E   9
A Star Trekker's Almost Paradise   NEW 
Stories and poetry, mostly…but not all...Jadzia and Worf. 

A Tribute to Garak/Bashir Friendship 
Collection of stories from a variety of authors. 
Agent 7's Literary Page 
Two Garak stories. 

Alternate Odo stories 
Odo slash stories, with several O/G tales. 

Arcady's Fanfic 
Collection of Garak stories, many involving Bashir 

Ariana's Homepage 
A list of stories by various authors featuring Gul Dukat paired with other characters. 

Avian 2 Star Trek - Fan Fiction and Slash Fiction 
Allows selection of archived DS9 stories through a search engine. 

Brenda Antrim's Fan Fiction Archive 
DS9 (mostly Bashir) and Voyager (mostly Paris) stories. 

Cardassian Chronicals 
A continuing series focusing on Cardassian and Bajoran characters. Most stories are R and NC17. 

Carolann's Fanfic Page 
Collection of all-ages and NC-17 stories. 

Central Records 
A few DS9 stories. 

Chez JJ 
Includes two stories focusing on Bashir. 

Collected Oeuvre 
Summarized list of Bashir/Garak stories available only by e-mail from the author, or by zine. 

Dakhur Central 
DS9 fanfic with a focus on Kira 

Diana And Joanne's Slash Sensation 
G/B stories. 

Doctor and The Trill, The 
One post-Dr. Bashir, I Presume story and a quite a few J/J poems. 

Dr. Julian Bashir Fan Fiction Archive 
Fan fiction about the doctor of DS9. 

DS9 Bistro, The 
Today's special: DS9 Odo/Kira fanfiction, written by your humble maitre'd. 

DS9 Fanfic by Patricia Ennis 
Three DS9 stories 

Fanfic by Anna Bly 
Two DS9 stories, one starring Molly O'Brien, the other starring Garak. 

Gabrielle's Home Page 
Outstanding fanfic featuring Bashir including the incredible Owiˆcim. 

Gail's Fanfiction   NEW 
DS9 stories by Gail Eppers.

Gul Dukat's Romantic Homepage 
Page mostly containing Kira/Dukat fanfiction but there is also a Garak/Ziyal story here and there will be others. Contains R and NC-17 stories. 

Holosuite Alpha 
Deep Space 9 Fiction Stories arranged as to when they occur in the DS9 timeline. 

Il Covo di La Diavolessa 
Diavolessa's stories. 

Imagination  NEW 
Includes G/B slash stories.

Invicta's DS9 Fanfic Page 
G/B and Dukat/B slash. 

J & J Story Archive 
What else? A good collection of Jadzia/Julian stories. 

Jadzia & Worf's Par'mach Page 
Dedicated to Jadzia Dax and Worf. 

Jehan Jaleel's Fiction Site 
Two DS9 stories. 

Julian & Ezri Multimedia 
A small but growing collection of stories about the relationship between Bashir and Ezri Dax. 

Karen's Deep Space Nine Fan Fiction 
Dedicated to the best chapter of the Star Trek story...DS9. 

Kasia's Fanfiction 
Several J/J stories; three are full-length novels. 

Kathy's Page O'Musings 
One G/B slash story so far. 

Laura's Fan Fiction 
Two DS9 stories featuring Ambassador Mazjad Shayin, from the telepathic species of Gamma Quadrant's Adjanis. 

Laura's Star Trek Fanfiction 
Mostly (but not all) Kira/Dukat stories. 

Major and the Constable, The 
Extensive collection of fanfic and other K/O goodies. 

Mark Stanley's page and fanfic 
A new collection of G/B stories. 

Marlissa's page 
Cardassian-oriented stories. 

Mind's Eye Through Rose Colored Glasses 
Cardie fiction. 

My DS9 Fan Fiction 
Stories are inspired by Deep Space Nine's sixth-season Dominion War arc. 

Odo's Padd 
All Odo fanfic from a variety of authors (mostly adult and mostly O/K) 

Outpost Library 
Archive of fiction originally from Orion Press zines. 

Pages of Time    NEW 
Two stories so far (both rated G).

Pat's Fanfic in Misc. Fandoms 
Has one story focusing on Gul Dukat. 

Rewriters, The 
So far, part of one story, Phoenix. 

Scaly Tales 
Cardassian fanfic. 

Strange Fits of Passion 
Aptly named on-line fanzine of B/G fanfic. 

Stuff and Nonsense 
DS9 stories by Adina, mostly featuring Odo. 

Tales by the OdoGoddess 
A nice long collection of stories starring...Odo. Many are O/K. 

Tenth Orb, The 
Website dedicated to the Bajoran people. Includes Bareil fanfic. 

Ultimate Julian Bashir Fanfic Archive 
Stories starring DS9's genetically enhanced-amature spy-tennis playing-darts sharpshooter doctor. 

USS BrennL 
BrennL's DS9 (mostly O/K). 

Vic's Trill Addiction 
The best place in space for Dax & Lenara 'alternative' fan fiction. 

Vorta Vortex 
For those who like the Vorta, or just need a fanfic fix, you're invited to visit the Vorta Vortex. 

Winkiebug's Star Trek Corner 
Extensive collection of J/C and K/O stories (plus other Kira stories). 

Worf Dax Fanfic Archive 
Stories devoted to Dax & Worf. 

Write Connection, The 
Good selection of stories. 

Ysone's FanFic 
Small but good collection of DS9 fanfic. 

Ysone's FanFiction 
Includes two good Bashir stories. 
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C R O S S O V E R S  
Again No More Angels 
A Star Trek / MASH crossover story. 

Best Care Anywhere 
Includes the AfterMASH/DS9 story, Visions Of The Things To Be. 

Biku's Bookshelf 
A DS9 / Sailor Moon (anime) cross. 

Greater Enemy, The 
TNG/Babylon5 parody crossover 

Jesse's ST Crossover Page 
Star Trek crossed with anything and everything. Only a few stories so far. 

Kellie's Net.Bibliography 
The Dark into Light trilogy: a  Highlander/X-Files/TNG cross. 

Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave... 
Fanfic crossovers. Includes a DS9/Gargoyles cross. 

Paul Gadzikowski's Star Trek short fiction 
ST/Dr. Who cross-overs and a series of short stories in which the characters from M*A*S*H are put into episodes of TOS. 

Scenes from T*R*E*K 
What if James T. Kirk never existed, but Hawkeye Pierce was born 300 years late? 

Space Cruiser Yamato vs. the USS  
For those of you wondering how a battle between the Enterprise and the Space Cruiser Yamato would turn out, don't! It would go something like this... 

ST/Highlander cross 
A ST/Highlander/original cross. 

A New Moon Over Bajor 
A DS9/1999 cross-over. 

Submarine on the Edge of Forever 
Imagine if the crew of the SSRN Seaview had encountered the crew of the USS Enterprise. What fantastic adventures would have unfolded? Which genius would have proved more gifted: Admiral Nelson or Mr. Spock? Which Captain was really the coolest: Lee Crane or Jim Kirk? 

X-Over: The Ultimate X-Files Crossover Archive    NEW 
What's an X-Files site doing listed here?? X-Over includes a long list of X-Files/TNG crossovers, plus a few DS9 and Voyager crossovers.

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O T H E R   U N I V E R S E S 
Capnchuck's Home Page 
Join the crew of the U.S.S. Infinity, a starship (not a space station) exploring the Alpha (not Delta) Quadrant. 

Engage Page, The 
A forum for writers to express their creativity using original characters, ships and adventures. 

Haul Trek: the Misadventures of M'Iskiti 
A comic-strip parody of Star Trek--but with two differences: one is a cast of completely-original characters; the other is the CGI 3D-rendered backgrounds. 

Richard Pugh's Star Trek stories 
Includes stories set on the USS Amagosa and Starbase Rhiannon. Includes a DS9 crossover. 

Scrolls of Myth and Mind 
The adventures of the USS Leonidas. Its mission is to act as sentry post for any future Borg invasions after the events in Star Trek: First Contact. 

Space Station Nexus 
Interactive fiction using original characters set in the Star Trek universe. 

Star Traks 
Comedy series set in an original universe (based loosely on TNG). 

Star Trek Outwardly Mobile 
An original universe series set aboard the USS Harrier and subsequent starships in a TNG timeframe alternate universe. 

Star Trek: Renegade 
An original Trek series idea, written in script format. A crew leaves on a long-range survey at the end of the Dominion War and returns to find that the Dominion won (caution:  files stored zipped). 

Star Trek: A Tangent Voyage 
Original universe stories by Matt Whittaker 

Star Trek: Liberator 
Includes an original universe/DS9 story under Ship's Logs. 

Star Trek: Specter 
The adventures of the crew of the Ambassador-class starship operating in the Alpha quadrant. 

Starbase 17 : Outpost Pike 
After the Borg invasion, Project: Pike is authorized by the Starfleet to engage in pro-active measures in defense of Federation interests. Has occasional ties to the known ST universe. 

UBS Casual Home Page 
Welcome aboard the Uncontrolled Barship Casual, flagship of Barfleet! (Of course, it's the only ship of Barfleet, but we won't get into that right now...) Check out the History for tales of the crew's adventures. 

USS Alliance Home Page 
Here, by popular demand, are the adventures of the Starships Alliance. 

USS Republic 
These are the adventures of the USS Republic, an Akira-class starship operating in the Alpha Quadrent. 

Welcome To II's fan fiction pages 
The adventures of the Starship Infinity. 

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