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Compact Cars
Compact Cars

The Basics
They're more than fuel-efficient -- they're sporty, comfortable.
Compact cars no longer trigger the "unremarkable, but energy-efficient" image they were known for in their early days. Back then they were spartan, and no driver would expect comfort from these fuel misers. Today, your average compact can be quite luxuriously appointed inside and out -- without draining your wallet.

Everybody's Driving Them
Compact cars are the average person's everyday car. You can get around town with them, commute to work or school, do errands. And you can take advantage of the native benefits of a compact without materially cramping your style or comfort. Besides a lower sticker price, they enjoy more-favorable fuel economies -- usually somewhere around 30 miles per gallon, and parking is easier than it is with their larger cousins.

And You Won't Be Compromised
Don't assume that smaller cars are more dangerous than larger ones. Did you know, for example, that the new VW Beetle has emerged as one of the top safety-tested cars among vehicles of all sizes? And Saturn has long been noted for its crash-worthiness. Some feel that, with all the sport-utility vehicles on the road these days, you "can never be too careful" when it comes to safety.

The Right Choice
Whether you're choosing a compact car for environmental or economic reasons, there's a perfect compact car for you out there -- click here to find the one that's right for you.

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    Compact Cars
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    VW Turbo Beetle Audi A4 1.8T
    GM EV1
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    Honda Civic
    Toyota Corolla

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