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  News and Infos
ROCK at the SANE 2000 Conference
ROCK Linux will be at the SANE 2000 Conference in Maastrich from 05/22 to 05/25/2000. I will make a ROCK Linux BOF session there. We will also be at other events.

01-16-2000: Added Rescue Subdistribution
I wrote a subdistribution for minimal rescue systems (less than 150 MB) which contain everything what could be usefull when repairing a system - including a C compiler. The rescue system can also be used to (re)build the complete ROCK Linux distribution.

12-31-1999: ROCK Linux ported to iMac within 3 days
We ported the ROCK Linux Core at the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin (12/27 - 12/29/1999) to an G3 iMac. We did it live on stage and it took us only 3 days.

12-25-1999: ROCK Linux 1.3.7 has been released
This is a release of the ROCK Linux development tree.
Changes: A lot of new packages, bugfixes and features. Added office packages (abiword, etc.) and a common ROCK Linux presentation (based on the magicpoint software). Have a look at the CHANGELOG for details.

11-15-1999: ROCK Linux Article at e-zine
A ROCK Linux Article has been published at the European Unix Platform (EUP) - e-zine. It's about the ROCK Linux Philosophy and why I started my own Linux Distribution. [read more..]

11-02-1999: Complete PalmOS Cross Devel Enviroment on ROCK Linux
I've finished a set of ROCK Linux Extension packages for PalmOS cross development. That includes a cross compiler, the xcopilot emulator and an example program.

More news can be found in our News Archive.

ROCK Linux Release:
  1.2.0 (stable) / 1.3.7 (devel)

ROCK Linux Snapshot:

Kernel / GLibC:
  2.3.48 /   2.1.3

Binutils / GCC: /   2.95.2

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  Mailing List
There is a ROCK Linux Mailinglist. You can subscribe to it by sending e-mail with the subject "subscribe rock-linux" to <minimalist@clifford.at>. You can unsubscribe to it by sending an e-mail with the subject "unsubscribe rock-linux" to the same address. The lists address is rock-linux@clifford.at. Please send also bug-reports to that address.

Please don't send questions or bug-reports directly to one of the maintaners unless you have a really good reason for.

There is also a mailing list archive which is updated every 4 hours.

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