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Your DVD is encrypted with a 40-bit algorithm.  You can break the encryption on any DVD-Video and copy the contents of the DVD onto your hard drive!  Playing a DVD movie is no longer for the software licensed elite.  

Yes, you can trade DVD movie files over the Internet, but be prepared, the favorite movies you might be interested in downloading could be a whopping four Gigabytes.  A file size that even most connection speeds will have trouble completing in a reasonable amount of time.  

How to find/trade FREE DVD Movies online:
Because of the possible copyrighted nature the data, typical movies are not available to the public for download.  Although, people gather online in impromptu communities and trade these digital copies though one-to-one file transfers. 
File Community Software, the next generation...

DVD Decryption NEWS
> Added DeCSS Verified Mirror List Database (02.06.00)
NYC judge issues: Memorandum Opinion (02.02.00)
> WARNING: A federal judge in New York City has filed an injunction against our website.  I am FORCED to remove DeCSS binary and source code.  Three netizens are silenced by Motion Picture Industry...
> I was served legal papers today! (01-16-00)
> Hollywood sues DVD Sites (01-14-00)
> EFF Defends the DeCSS linkers
> DVD DeCSS linked websites sued in CA  (12-28-99)
> DVD Encryption Hacked
DVD Piracy : It can be done 
Why the DVD Hack was a Cinch

 DVD Free Speech LEGAL Archive
This website has been censored by the federal government.  We are posting the legal documents as soon as they become available, please keep updated on this alarming issue.  Add your website to our DeCSS Mirror Database.

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for Win98/NT/2k.  Decrypt movies and let them be played off your harddrive, or off DVD-R if you have a burner. 

by Masters of Reverse Engineering (Nov-1999).  

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DVD Decrypt Reference

CSS (DVD-Video): Contents Scrambling System is the copy protection mechanism for DVD-Video.  It uses a weak 40-bit proprietary encryption algorithm instead of a stronger public-key algorithm.  It was designed to comply with strict US government crypto-export regulations.  Even if the encryption were stronger--and DVD hardware players that plug into televisions and software players downloaded to a PC--all have their own unique key that unlocks the encryption key on the DVD.  Each DVD has 400 copies of the same decryption key, each encrypted with every unlock code needed for each player. If one unlock key is compromised, every DVD can be decrypted.

"IEEE - Copy Protection for DVD Video" [PDF], primary source

"The Challenge of DVD Authoring" [PDF], primary source

Cryptanalysis of Contents Scrambling System CSS is a scrambling system used in the distribution for movies on DVD. Its main purpose is to prevent the unauthorized duplication of disc contents.

DVD-R White Paper: What is DVD Recordable?

CSS2: (DVD-Audio - CANCELED!) The DVD-Audio format employs the CSS2 encryption scheme.  Due to security concerns expressed by the recording industry, the 4C Entity, has withdrawn the CSS2 technology from consideration for use in relation to DVD Audio products. A substitute encryption system is now being developed, and details concerning that technology will be available in the near future. At this time, however, there are no specifications or other documents available, and all non-disclosure agreements that were distributed in relation to CSS2 have been cancelled.

"CSS2: Copy Protection for DVD Audio" [PDF]

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