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This is my Phile Fan Fic page. It's fluff stories that I have written. nothing much right now,  I will add more as I write them. So sit back and enjoy. comments or flames are welcome

Drive in and Swings.  Mulder and Scully go to a Drive in. Hey did I mention the swings set?

Velvet Dress. Mulder, Scully and U2. Mulder takes Scully to see a U2 concert                  

The Kiss  Scully gets a surprise on her birthday

Memories and Nightmares  Scully is abducted again.Can Mulder keep his sanity long enough to find her

AMatter of Confusion   Part two to The Kiss

Red Heaven  A new drug has hit the streets, but is there more to it than it seems

He's Gone.  Mulder is dead and Scully isn't in on his scheme.  

She's Gone. Companion piece to He's Gone

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