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Current server uptime

This server has currently been running without a crash or a reboot for: 31 days

If you live in the Bloomington, IN area and would like assistance with installing or using the Linux operating system on your computer, Click here for details.

Home of The Philip Glass Library, which is the largest web site devoted to the music of minimalist composer Philip Glass. It includes a discography, works list, news section, multimedia files section and much more. Regularly visited by as many as 100 people a day.

What's Suso up to? Check out this Screenshot. This is a screenshot of my workstation "felix", and not of what I'm doing on the server.

Suso is housed on a Intel Pentium 133MHz machine with 64MB of RAM and 7.5GB worth of backed disc space. Running RedHat Linux 5.1 with kernel 2.0.34 makes it fast for web serving, file transfer and general use. More information on all my computers can be found on this page.

Users of Suso have access to many files and programs that they may run through a telnet session or secure shell. Each user has access to their own web pages with the ability to run PHP3, CGI programs and make use of server side includes.

Suso also has an IRC server running on the standard IRC port(6667). The IRC server is currently in an experimental stage and waiting to be linked to a bigger IRC network such as Undernet or EFnet. Til then it may be used for whatever.


January 04, 2000 (02:28 UTC)

Shesh! As my friend Jeremy would say, "that was an exercise in pain!!" My wireless connection was down for almost 9 hours. We're not sure exactly what happened, but until we find out, the nice folks at Kiva Networking have temporarily set me up with my own dedicated wireless connection. Sorry for not updating this page much in the past several months, I'm working on a new version of this frontpage that will make it easier for me to keep up to date news. It will also be more informative and easier to navigate. You can check out the preliminary design at http://new.suso.org.

August 11, 1999 (00:52 UTC)

On Friday August 13th I will be moving the suso main server over to my new apartment and the wireless equipment that will drive the new suso LAN. Due to this move there will be at least 4-5 hours of downtime while I move the equipment as well as make IP and network configuration changes. Due to DNS caching and the IP change the downtime could be as much as 24 hours while you wait for your local DNS to grab the new information. All the *.suso.org addresses will remain the same, however suso.eigenmann.indiana.edu, ei-14-2.eigenmann.indiana.edu and will no longer point to this server. Remember to use http://suso.org/ to get to this webspace from now on. I'm not absolutely sure of what IP I will use for this server on the new network yet.

June 09, 1999 (16:08 UTC)

Well, I suppose I should give an update on the situation of the server since there was about 6 hours of downtime yesterday. Well, recently I upgraded the main drive on suso to a 20GB drive. Doing so allowed me to move the /var partition to a larger drive of it's own. Unfortunately that drive failed yesterday afternoon after a couple days of degredation. I have now replaced the drive with a Seagate 6.4GB drive that will give the /var partition much more room and I also upgraded to 160MB or RAM. The systems is much much faster now. I'll be updating the hardware layout page soon as well as making another announcement about recent changes that have been happening.

April 30, 1999 (22:49 UTC)

'suso.org' has now been registered. To get to any site on this webserver you should now use either 'http://www.suso.org/', 'http://web.suso.org/' or the prefered 'http://suso.org/'. Mail can now be sent to @suso.org instead of the old @suso.eigenmann.indiana.edu. It should also be noticed that the 'suso.org' domain portion will remain intact instead of expanding to 'ei-14-2.eigenmann.indiana.edu' as it did before.

March 28, 1999 (00:23 UTC)

THE QUAKE II SERVER IS BACK UP!! ;-) Point your Quake2 games at '' for all the action.

March 04, 1999 (20:43 UTC)

Sorry for the server being down for over 12 hours today. At 6am(UTC time) there was a hard drive problem being reported that resulted in the system not responding. I had to turn the system off without properly shutting it down, which is usually a problem resulting in bad inodes, which is what happened and as a result some(about 8) files were corrupted. *GASP* There were no serious files damaged as far as I can tell so far. I'm still in the process of sorting it all out. I'm going to back everything up tonight and tommorow for a possible complete reinstall this weekend. This will allow me to low level format the drive(which helps rejuvenate drive sectors) and reformat the partitions(which will hopefully mark of the bad blocks if there are any). You may as a result notice a lot of down time over the next couple days.

Feburary 20, 1999 (21:57 UTC)

I have just installed qmail on this server. Qmail is a modern replacement for the smtp sendmail program. SMTP is a method of transfering mail around the internet. Qmail is a much more secure method and configurable method for transfering mail and is faster in some respects. Be sure to check out the documentation for it in the man pages as well as on their web page.

Feburary 16, 1999 (21:55 UTC)

Today I finished setting up a temperature meter that is placed outside my window. The meter hooks up to the serial port on one of my computers and every 5 minutes, information is gathered from it and put into a log file. Through the use of SNMP monitoring this weather page is able to display the current temperature in Bloomington, Indiana. Soon I'll try to finish the page so that it has other information like links to a current weather radar pulled off some weather site and the like.

January 14, 1999 (20:55 UTC)

I've just upgraded the processor in this server to a K6 233MHz by AMD. It should increase the performance a little. If you wish to see the performance, disk usage and network traffic over time, you can visit /mrtg/ for nice graphs and statistics.

Users on the system

Amos Lee is my friend from Hong Kong who lives in another dorm and has his own server at http://amos.university.indiana.edu/. We have accounts on each others machines for security and convience.

email: amos@suso.org

Blatch ------BEGIN GEEK CODEBLOCK------ GCS/IT/ d s++:++ a---- C+++>$ U+++ P+>$ L+++ E---- W+++ N O K- W+++++>$ O--- M-- V- PS+ PE+++ Y+ PGP++ T--- 5-- X+ R+ TV B+ DI+++ D++++ G E- H-- R Y ------END GEEK CODEBLOCK------- Say enough?

email: blatch@suso.org

Bill Slater

email: bslater@suso.org


email: cgoodness@suso.org

Craig Hickman (CHICKMAN) uses this server for FTP functions and for modular downloading of mp3s. If you are interested in playing Quake II against him, send an e-mail. Check out the jerrys.gif page!

email: chickman@suso.org

David Planchon.

email: djmyst@suso.org

Ed Knuth is a good friend of mine who has an account on the server just for the hell of it.

email: eknuth@suso.org


email: gnurds@suso.org

god. Not to be confused with root.

email: god@suso.org

Hades BEGIN GEEK CODEBLOCK: GCS/IT d s+:- a---- C+++>$ U+++ P+ L++ E---- W+++ N O K- W++++>$ O--- M-- V- PS+ PE++ Y+ PGP T--- 5-- X R tv- b++ DI+++ D- G e- h! r- y END GEEK CODEBLOCK:

email: hades@suso.org


email: joco@suso.org


email: john@suso.org

Andy Krieg stores his old Rose Hulman personal web page on this server and also uses his acount to store files that he needs to get to me.

email: krieg@suso.org


email: ktaha@suso.org

Marina is a student who is learning about computers.

email: marikim@suso.org


email: nelturan@suso.org

Suso Banderas is the primary user of this system. He also runs The Philip Glass Library which is housed on this server and is one of the primary reasons that this server exists.

email: suso@suso.org

thickman who is friends with the chickman

email: thickman@suso.org

Zetes uses this server to run an IRC bot and to house his information about Kaland. Inquire within!

email: zetes@suso.org