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The Urantia Book
Frequently Asked Questions

Release 1.00
Todd Moody and others of Urantia-L

1. What is it? -- It is a 2,097 page volume comprising 196 distinct papers that describe God, the created universe, the various orders of personalities that inhabit and administer it, the history of our own world (called "Urantia") and the problems that beset it, and the life, teachings, and mission of Jesus of Nazareth. The Urantia Book was published in 1955 by the Urantia Foundation (address given below). Much of it was written by 1935.

2. Who wrote it? -- The authors of the individual papers are identified as various orders of celestial beings. The papers came to be written down by means of a process that has not been clearly described. The human being responsible for facilitating this process was Dr. William S. Sadler (1875-1969), a practicing psychiatrist, lecturer in comparative religion, and author of numerous books. The self-identified authors of the Urantia Book describe themselves as being subject to a mandate requiring them to make use of extant human sources whenever possible, resorting to "pure revelation" only when these sources were clearly inadequate. Consequently, the Urantia Book's authors indirectly include those humans whose ideas were adapted for inclusion in the papers.

3. Revelation? -- The Urantia Book describes itself as the Fifth Epochal Revelation. To understand what this means you must first understand the distinction that it makes between "autorevelation" and "epochal revelation." According to the Urantia Book each of us is indwelt by a fragment of the living God, called a "Thought Adjuster." The Adjuster attempts to steer us toward spiritual truth and, to the extent that it is successful, we have autorevelation. Sometimes, however, truth is revealed by the agency of other beings. Rarely, it is revealed on a grand scale; such revelations are called "epochal" and the Urantia Book if the fifth such. The preceding four are also described in it.

4. What does this have to do with Jesus? -- The Urantia Book describes the matchless personality of the man, Jesus, and explains his divine status. It offers a detailed chronicle of his mortal life and a fuller representation of his teaching than has previously been available. In doing so, it expands and corrects humanity's present conception of Jesus and his work.

5. Do people believe it? -- Many who read the UB find that it resonates with their own sense of truth, and clarifies some truths that they had previously only partially grasped. Many have attempted to put some of these truths to work in their lives, and the results have strengthened their belief in what they have read.

6. Is this book a religion? -- Yes and no. For thousands of believing readers, the Urantia Book is the source of their religious convictions and the inspiration for their religious growth. It is not, however, about getting readers to join a church. Believers in the Urantia Book include persons of many different religious traditions--including, but not limited to, Judaeo-Christian--as well as people unidentified with any religious tradition or group. 7. Where can I get one? -- Try the libraries and bookstores in your area. If a bookstore does not stock it, you might ask them to order it from the Urantia Foundation, 533 Diversey Parkway, Chicago, IL 60614 (312-525-3319). Many bookstores will gladly handle special orders. You may also order your copy directly from the Urantia Foundation or from the Jesusonian Foundation, P.O. Box 18764, Boulder, CO 80308 P.O. Box 18764, Boulder, CO 80308 (303-581-0456). French, Spanish, and Finnish translations are currently available.

8. How can I contact readers of the Urantia Book? -- There are many study groups. Some of them are affiliated with the Urantia Foundation by means of an organization called the International Urantia Association (IUA); others are independent. Information about study groups can be obtained from the Urantia Foundation and from the Fifth Epochal Fellowship, 529 Wrightwood Avenue, Chicago, IL 60614 (312-327-0424). An Internet listserv mailing list called "urantial" exists at Send a e-mail message to with nothing in the subject line, and in the text body write:

   subscribe urantial <firstname> <lastname>
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The Urantia Book : Urantia Book FAQ · Urantia Book Folio · Other Web-Sites · Urantia Foreword · Urantia Book PART I: The Central and Super Universes · Urantia Book PART II: The Local Universe · Urantia Book PART III: The History of Urantia · Urantia Book PART IV: The Life and Teachings of Jesus - (0.13s)