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"It's the latest thing from the Barneys World of Fashions catalog" - Archive / Submit
Geiger Counter
Hey, hey! The Mailbag is back in all its snarking glory, courtesy of JC, so be sure to check it out! Also, check out our IRC info page, then stop on by and say hi to myself, Cobby (Forums), and the rest of the PHL gang who will be there off and on throughout the week.
- LadyICE
Mod of the Week
Gather your experience points with kills and get access to new wapons with Fist Full of Steel!
Level of the Week
Fisich continues the Scary-one groove with reviews of Scary2 and Remote Chance.

  Wednesday · March 1 · 2000
    Trinity Command Mod Update
3/1/2000 9:31 PST | AutoMag
Postman from the Trinity Command Mod Team has sent me another update:

The Good News:
We've signed up with the good people of Novogate for a forum to let all you Trinity fans out there say your piece, report bugs, and give out ideas or queries. It's basically all about Trinity Command, but I'm not so tight about rules so moderate cussing, flaming and such will be allowed. However, if you spam, cuss way too much, or are a general pain in the butt (talking about other mods too much as well) I will ban your IP#. Just the rules of the road folks, enjoy the forum!

Oh yes, and don't forget:
Release date SOON! (give or take a week, max!)
    New Top Ten Lists
3/1/2000 9:29 PST | AutoMag
Lurker's Lair has just released the February Top Ten Lists for DM and TFC maps. These lists are made from the nominations sent in by the visitors to the site. Starting this month, the Top Ten Lists no longer contain the "Valve" maps. With so many great custom maps available, there is no reason to play the same old standard maps anymore. To find out what the players think are the best custom maps, drop on by. While you are there, please take a minute to fill out the online nomination form with your choices for the March Top Ten Lists.
    They Hunger Review
3/1/2000 9:23 PST | AutoMag
Converted2 Com has posted a review of Neil Manke's single-player wonder, They Hunger. Here's a bit of it:

Atmosphere is They Hunger's strongest point. From the enjoyable intro until the first encounter the tension begins to mount, exploding into all-out terror as you return outside to the once-peaceful graveyard with little more than a single clip for your Glock(if you're lucky) and a crowbar. You'll have to wait much later until you can get a hold of the more powerful weapons, which include a pump-action shotgun(the team fortress fast-fire model, not the SPAS-12), the ever-reliable Colt Python .357, a sniper rifle(another team fortress model with a modified starlight scope) and what I think is a Gallili assault rifle(it looks more like a hackjob of the stalwart Heckler&Koch MP5), with a mounted grenade launcher.
    Half-Life Pro 1.0 Dedicated Servers
3/1/2000 9:13 PST | AutoMag
The Half-Life Pro Mod Team has sent word that it has 2 dedicated servers up. All running on T-1's, and of course Half-Life Pro 1.0. The addresses are: New York server @ and the Seattle server @
    Mod Shorts...
3/1/2000 0:05 PST | AutoMag
  • Mainphrame, from the Citizen-Unity Mod Team has made an .AVI tutorial in photoshop on making a bevelled and smoothed box. This is his first tutorial in a new series.

  • The Nakatomi Plaza Mod site has been updated with 26 new screenshots.

  • The Star Trek: The Alorien Incident Mod site has been updated with are 8 new screenshots of the skinned Tricorder, skinned Hypospray, Phaser model, Type-3a Phaser Rifle model, as well as news of a new Coder on the team.
  •     Mods Needing Help...
    3/1/2000 0:01 PST | AutoMag
  • The Mercenaries: The Death Squad Mod needs a coder, modeler, mapper and a 2d artist. If you are interested e-mail

  • The Star Trek: The Alorien Incident Mod is in need of an experienced texture artist, if you have the skill please contact TheCaptn.

  •   Tuesday · February 29 · 2000
        Q&A With Valve Software
    2/29/2000 11:30 PST | AutoMag
    Avault has posted a Q&A session they recently had with Valve Software's head honcho, Gabe Newell. The discussion centered on their technology plans, after the recent announcement that they had hired Mike Dussault, the former lead programmer on the LithTech engine. Here's a bit of it:

    Valve has been bringing on some considerable talent in the 3D programming arena, including hiring Mike Dussault, lead LithTech 2.0 programmer. Is this an indication that the company is preparing its own technology, or is it enhancing other technologies for its games?

    We are investing a lot in technology, but our strategy is not changing. We are still deciding what we want to achieve in our future games, determining if it stands to reason to license or develop the technology, and going from there. In terms of people, we are always going to try to convince the best people in the industry that Valve is a good place for them to be for the long haul.
        On Half-Life Dreamcast
    2/29/2000 11:22 PST | AutoMag
    A quote from Gearbox Software's Randy Pitchford on the control scheme for their upcoming Dreamcast port of Half-Life, has been posted at FGN Online. Here's what he stated:

    "Control is only a tricky issue for those of us who are used to a keyboard and mouse configuration on the PC," says Pitchford. "Luckily, Dreamcast already has PC like interface available. But, for those that would like to play the game using the Dreamcast controller, it's designed very well to handle this kind of game.

    "We've got an analog stick and two analog levers for aiming and movement and plenty of buttons for the digital functions. A default configuration will be provided that should be very good, but I'll also want to see an option to customize the controller should players want to experiment with a more personalized control scheme."
        Today At GameSpy Com
    2/29/2000 11:12 PST | AutoMag
    GameSpy Com has posted some more goodies for you today including another installment in their Mod Developers Week:

        PHL On Irc
    2/29/2000 9:13 PST | AutoMag
    Hey folks we recently registered a channel on IRC where the folks from Planet Half-Life will be hanging out. So if you want to come hangout with us just fire up your IRC program and point it to either port 6666 or ports 6666 - 6669 and channel #planethalflife. You will need an IRC program like MIRC to connect to either of the servers.
        Chemical Existence Dev. Update And Screens
    2/29/2000 7:58 PST | AutoMag
    Valveworld has posted a development update and screenshots from Red Genesis' upcoming mod for Half-Life, Chemical Existence.
        Mod Shorts...
    2/29/2000 0:05 PST | AutoMag
  • The Invasion 1955 Mod site has been updated with a screenshot from a new map.

  • The Termination Mod site has been updated with screenshots of their new hud design, the Quad damage and the nuke.

  • The Squadron: Ghost site has been updated with some new screenshots and concept art.

  • The Red Pill has updated with some big news about the Half-life: Matrix Mod.

  • The Tombstone Mod has moved to Also, they have updated their site, with news pictures, a new poll, a contest and a status of whats going on with the TC.

  • The Half-Life Matrix Mod screenhots page has been updated with a brand new picture of the Sentinels model as well as information on how it will come in play in it's mutiplayer mode.

  • The Wasteland Half-Life site has been updated with new alpha screenshots.

  • The Gunman Emporium has opened for business, the site is dedicated to the upcoming Gunman mod from Rewolf Software.
  •     Mods Needing Help...
    2/29/2000 0:01 PST | AutoMag
  • A new mod, codenamed SICON is being planned and needs everything from 3d modelers, sprite artists, hud designers, coders, and web page designers, there is a solid concept and very talented, high quality people are needed. If you have the talent, and skill, e-mail them at

  • The Fatal Error Mod is in need of programmers, sound fx people, people who can help in any of the other mod positions are also welcome.

  • The Artificial Intelligence Mod is in need of a lead programmer, lead modeler and loads of other help. If you are interested visit the site or e-mail

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