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"The Best Television of 1999" "Television has rarely got adolescence as hilariously soul-crushingly right as in this bittersweet paean to Midwestern childhood circa 1980. With a cast that actually looks and sounds like kids, not Gap models, Freaks takes teen-show stereotypes - nerd, burnout, clueless parent - and fleshes each out with humor and heart."
TIME Magazine/December 20, 1999

"The Very Best of TV '99" "Of all the youth-oriented dramas...only the painfully funny Freaks and Geeks passes a reality check." "This endearing series remembers adolescence as a necessary nightmare that we all ultimately survive."
TV GUIDE/December 25, 1999

"The Best of 1999" "The year's most pleasant surprise" "Featuring the season's finest ensemble of young actors"
Entertainment Weekly/December 29

"Best of Tube 1999" "This truthful NBC show stood out from the high school crowd."
PEOPLE Magazine/December 31

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