the latest rcfoc has lots of interesting stuff about bandwidth. 18:20

the latest rcfoc has lots of interesting stuff about bandwidth. 18:19

the new greek reads like a marketing textbook. which means you'll score brownie points by using it in your mockups. via zeldman. 17:34

neale is starting to scare me. Mr. Happy?

"How am I supposed to start the day without his little yellow face smiling at me? I depended upon his sunny features to make each morning special. This is a devastating loss for me."

it's official. i will not be scuba diving in australia. i can't say i'm too terribly disappointed, i was expecting that response. although it would have been nice to dive the reef. on the positive side, i will hopefully get a $500 refund on scuba lessons, and i won't have to buy $200 worth of "personal" equipment. 13:32

so, instead of giving me info about the position in email, the recruiter type decided to "find someone else to fill the position". if all recruiters are this attached to the phone, i can spend days tormenting them. and i thought recruiters were just there to torment me. 21:31

alpha testing deepleap is having a serious impact on the quantity of work i'm doing. i don't think my boss would be too happy. but, it's too much fun finding bugs that other people have to fix. :-) 17:59

i just discovered one of the *really* cool features of deepleap (leap tools). (as opposed to the just sort of cool features.) of course, i can't tell what it is because they'd kill me, but it's cool. 17:43

deepleap is now in alpha. i've only just started playing with it. 17:33

i just sent in my entry for the 5k award. i like it so much, i may use it for a redesign. then it won't be 5k anymore. 15:39

i don't understand why recruiter types expect you to jump through hoops for them. i despise the telephone, so prefer to communicate by email. so, someone needs to give me enough details about an opportunity for me to say "hey, i'm interested enough to overcome my aversion and use the phone". but, a lot of recruiters are much more comfortable with the phone, maybe they figure that if they can just *talk* to you they'll be able to convince you. dunno. so they try to insist on you calling them before they'll reveal this *wonderful* opportunity. i've had this happen 4 or 5 times now, and i don't know how to explain to them that *they* need to jump through hoops for *me*, not the other way around. 13:00

some more musing about living online. i was in the salon on saturday waiting for my sister to get done with a client (so she could dye my hair purple), and sat talking to my step-mom, who was also waiting for my sister to get done with the paying client. anyway, she mentioned that it was surprising that it hadn't rained that much today, i responded with "oh, is there supposed be a storm coming in?". when she said yes, it hit me that other people tune in to the weather and get a forecast of what the weather will be like for the next couple days. i just walk out my door and see what it's like. the weather doesn't matter online. 22:14

hee hee. i love the folks at pyra. i just noticed that they'd but the pronunciation of "blogger" on the front page. now jason will have to say it right, and i won't go insane. thank you. 22:09

this "special report" sounded like it would be an interesting article on the real world vs. virtuality, instead it's just a really long rant. 19:30

i don't know if hotwired's japan version is released later than the us version, but i got over 500 hits from hotwired.co.jp today. 19:17

so, my dad told my sister how wonderful my blog was and made her read it too. they both told me, separately, that they've learned more about me than they ever knew before. odd, and kind of scary. the 3 or 400 people who read my blog daily know me better than my family. i hope it doesn't make me feel like i need to censor myself.

today, jason, who *never* reads my blog, im's me and says that i should have ordered him some headphones too. then i start thinking, oh no, what if he starts reading it too, and tells me that he knows me so much better now. but, he just says that my blog only confirms stuff that he already knew about me. which is probably why he doesn't bother to read it. sometimes it can be reassuring that at least one person knows you really well. 19:14

jwz built the industrial bookcase and the industrial cd case from aluminum pipe. a couple of years ago, jason and i built some bookshelves and tables from copper pipe and had an even more difficult time. we had to cut the pipe by hand and then weld the joints. it sucked. i'm pretty sure it wasn't worth the effort. 18:46

if you have wrist pain from typing, you should read how jwz dealt with it. 18:35

i started reading the 5 novels by daniel pinkwater this weekend. i got through the first. it was just completely bizarre, yet immensely enjoyable. it's just impossible to imagine where his train of thought will go next. 13:23

ev pointed to these noise cancelling headphones, but i hate headbands. so, i ordered this model which feature the Fontopia in-the-ear design. i've been needing some good headphones for a while now. 13:10

i probably won't be learning to scuba dive. it seems that they don't like people w/ epilepsy taking it up as a sport. there's still a very slim chance my doctor will ok it, because i only have seizures when i'm asleep, presumably i'm not going to fall asleep while scuba diving. sometimes i wonder what it would be like to live life without constantly taking medication to control a permanent condition. sometimes i wonder what it'll be like to live the rest of my life constantly on medication... 13:06

heehee. dori got the psychic spam. i wonder how much money this lady has actually made from this scheme. 09:35

we also went to games last night. (games being a bunch of pot smoking older men who get together to play board games, with a few younger geekier men thrown in.) i stopped going about a year ago, partly because i was the only woman there, but mostly because i realized it was taking up a huge amount of what little free time i had, and i'd really rather be reading a book or surfing the net. the only reason i went last night was because colin specifically asked us to go. i hadn't seen col in almost 3 years. he lives in england and the last couple of times he's been out, we've not been able to hook up. i realized how sad it was that a friend who i really love, although never talk to between visits, could be unseen for so long. then i thought about my other friends who only live 30 mins away, and how i never see them either. or one of my best friends from college who lives in sf and i haven't seen or talked to in almost 3 years either. hmmm. 12:26

last night, i left work early to go talk to the scuba instructor. i asked him if equipment was included in the course price, and he went into a spiel on how *everything* was included because the shop had this attitude, blah blah blah. everything but personal equipment, of course. personal equipment being mask, snorkel, fins, booties, & gloves. which run anywhere from $120-$300/person. as he explained the different features of the personal equipment, i couldn't help thinking about all the other sports we've gotten into, purchasing lots of expensive equipment upfront, and then losing interest a few months later. i'm betting on this being another, but you never know. 12:16

jason has insisted that we getting scuba certification before we go to australia. of course, getting that done in the 3 weeks before he leaves, when i'm going to be in austin one of those weeks, is a little insane. apparently, it's a sin to go to the great barrier reef and not dive. i don't quite understand that, but, yeah, whatever. 14:30

i was wondering why i couldn't get to alistapart yesterday this email from glenn davis explains why. covad screwed up big time. 13:05

heh. sally tenpenny returns to bloat. 13:00

i think i want a quartz. via tomalak. 12:25

i try not to add too many new categories to the portal despite how finely people want to classify themselves. but this one was just so bizarre i could only stare dumbfounded. tea cosy mission log is completely devoted to halcyon. of course, it *needed* it's own category. 22:44

i've discovered that it's the little things that can drive us insane. jason insists on pronouncing blog as bee*log. which wasn't too annoying since we rarely talked about it. now that he's using blogger tho, i keep hearing him say bee*logger constantly. finally tonight i just yelled "blog*ger, goddammit, it's blog*ger". his response being that they should spell it phonetically if they want him to pronounce it that way. so this is a formal request to ev, pb & meg to put the pronounciation of blogger on the site, that way i won't go to jail for killing my husband in a fit of madness caused by him saying bee*logger one more time. 22:05

an interesting report on using sitemaps on every page. the numbers are amazing. 14:07

has anyone noticed how the web is the ultimate method of avoiding discrimination of all forms. you can talk to many people who, if you're lucky, you know their sex, you rarely know their age, you occasionally know their race, and you occasionally know their sexual preferences. so people are judged not by learned prejudices, but by who they are and how they interact with you. anita's entry inspired this. 13:38

i love neale's sense of humor. 11:36

this is the most revolting piece of work i've ever seen. mostly because i invested so much time into getting it *right* and i just watched it all get destroyed by people who don't know the difference between a ui and a database, or a print graphic, attempting to modify it. what pisses me off the most is their complete violation of their privacy policy. the privacy policy has now changed, and everybody who opted-out of any sort of email is now signed up for "partner email". nice. and there's nothing in their policy *anymore* that says that they won't sell or rent your info. disgusting. i can't believe i've got stock in this company. 11:19

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