Sally listens:
How can I get in touch with Dr. Garry Corgiat from the show Sex, Drugs & Drinking...Stop My Teen?

Sally Sez:

Sally listens:
Can you list the contact information from your show "Tight Shot: Kids Against The Odds!"?

Sally Sez:
To help fund medical research & public awareness, contact:
For more information on Cool Suits & UV Ray Garments, contact:
For more information on FOP contact:
Jasmin Floyd's Personal web page:
If you can help diagnose Blaze, go to:
Help Someone section-Sally's On Your Side page of this web site.
To correspond with Sandy, write to:
Sandy Allen, PO Box 29142, Indianapolis, IN 46229

Sally listens:
I saw your show "Sally's On Your Side", and was wondering how to get in touch with some of the guests to get further information.

Sally Sez:
DFW Dyslexia Corrections Center:
Davis Dyslexia Association International:
To adopt Philip Crawford's son, Pierre, write to:
The Sally Show-Attention Philip Crawford, P.O. box 2211, JAF Station, New York, New York 10116
For Sally's glasses: call Morganthal Fredricks at 212-966-0099
For Braeden Kershner, write to:
Braeden Kershner Conducting Dream, C/O Boston Symphony Orchestra Symphony Hall, 301 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA 02115
Jennifer Aniston's Fan Club:
Travis Butler Fund: National Bank of Commerce, Attn: Brad Bishop, 910 Madison Avenue, Memphis, TN 38103

Sally listens:
On Sally's show "More Odd Odd News", there was a lot of information given that I was unable to write down. Can you give it to me?

Sally Sez:
For info. on autopsies go to
To submit tapes for busted on the job write: Termite Arts Productions, P.O. Box 1168, Studio City, CA 91604 or call (877) send-tape or e-mail them at
For more info. on Kathy Jager write to: Kathy Jager, c/o Phoenix Track Club, P.O. Box 26545, Phoenix, AZ 85068-6545 or call (602) 392-3599.

Sally listens:
How do I contact someone if I have information on one of the missing children featured on your show Strange Disappearances?

Sally Sez:
Kristin Smart:
John and Shelly Markley: Trumbull County Sheriff (330)675-2730.
Johnny Gosch: e-mail
Jeff Zoltowski: e-mail

Sally listens:
On your show "Good News For The New Year", there were a lot of web sites listed that I didn't have time to copy down. Can you list them for me?

Sally Sez:
Zero Casualties Clothings:
The Foundation For Affordable Housing: 1-804-750-1080
First Choice Homes Of Williamsburg: 757-887-0060
Advantage Auto Sales: 804-985-6656
Country Village of Va.: 757-887-1955
Clevercat Toys:
Popular Club:
Holland America Line Westours:
Hanger Orthopedic Group:
Elizabeth Arden's Red Door Salon:
Allegro Tours:

Sally listens:
There were ten beauty tips listed on your show "I'll Show You! It's A Brand New Me!" Can you list them for me?

Sally Sez:
1) Use makeup with sunscreen
2) Apply foundation with downward strokes
3) Use under eye concealer
4) Apply eye color upwards
5) Apply lip color with a brush
6) Don't blot your lips
7) Don't wear too much mascara
8) Always use lip liner
9) Wear two colors of foundation
10) Always use moisterizer

Sally listens:
On your show "You Have No Right To See This Child", there was some contact numbers for information on parents rights and grandparents rights. I didn't have a pencil handy to copy it down. Can you give it to me?

Sally Sez:
For more info. on grandparent's rights call (360) 398-1739 or contact "It's A Child's Right" 5572 Guide Meridian; Bellingham, WA 98226. For more info. on parent's rights go to or 516 Main Street North; St. Michael, MN 55376. Call (612) 237-9028.

Sally listens:
You did a show this summer entitled Here's My Secret that had a lot of beauty secrets using common household products. How can I find out more about those secrets?

Sally Sez:
Marlene Haberman's formula to help your skin:
Grated potatoes-helps for dark circles under your eyes and helps for puffy eyes (leave on for 10 minutes)
Strawberries-tighten the skin
Apricot-good for irritated skin
Grapes-calm the skin and nerves
For more information call (973)716-0101

Steve Dillon's formula for fine hair:
2 pinches of sugar
1 drop of maple syrup
2 pinches of yeast
2 shots of beer
Mix well and apply

Steve Dillon's formula for course and bulky hair:
1 banana
3 tablespoons of mayo
1 egg yolk
Mix well and apply

For more information on 'Urban Rebounding' or to order the video, book or Rebounder, call (888)522-3767

For Toppik hair product call ((800)416-3325

For more information on DeeDee Benrey's yoga or her Urban Alchemy call (718)884-8722

For more information on Victoria Mortin's Body Wraps call (800)221-6793

Sally listens:
Does the Sally Show take interns, and if so, how can I apply?

Sally Sez:
We are always looking for enthusiastic production interns ready to gain practical experience in television production. Opportunities are available to all undergraduate and graduate students who MUST BE receiving credit. If you will be in the New York City area for your fall (Aug-Dec), winter (Jan), spring (Jan-May), or summer (May-Aug) semester, please contact us for more information or fax or mail a resume to:
Jennifer Lubin
15 Penn Plaza/OF2
New York, NY 10001
(212)419-7400 ext. 7416
Fax: (212)244-5329

Sally listens:
Rumor has it that the president of Procter and Gamble appeared on your show and said that he was associated with the Church of Satan. I would appreciate more information if you have any, perhaps a tape of the show if available. If this is a hoax, please let me know.

Sally Sez:
The rumor going around that the president of Procter and Gamble appeared on The Sally Show and announced he was a member of the church of Satan is not true. This a hoax that's been going around in one form or another for the past 20 years...only originally, it concerned the Phil Donahue Show...then evolved to the Jenny Jones Show...and now it's evolved to The Sally Show. The president of Procter and Gamble has NEVER appeared on The Sally Show...NEVER. Nor has any other person in authority at P&G. Any president of a multi-national corporation (including the head of P&G or Liz Claiborne) would be immediately fired by the board of directors if he or she did such a thing. Also, profits from any such corporation go to the stockholders...not a church designated by the president. Do not send money in to get a transcript. We do not provide transcripts or video tapes of our shows to the public. Frankly, this thing has gotten out of hand. If we had this man on our show, and he had said what it's alleged he said, we would have scored a broadcasting scoop and would have trumpeted it to all the newspapers. It would have been to the show's advantage. But there was no scoop, and there were no headlines.

Sally listens:
I saw a show recently where you sent an out-of-control teen to a boot camp. Can you help me find a boot camp like that in my area?

Sally Sez:
Most boot camps in the United states have to be mandated by a judge or social services department. A child has to commit a crime and be sentenced to go to one. If your child has not committed a crime, but you want to send him or her to a boot camp like facility or a wilderness correction experience, contact Whispering Woods, The New Dominion School, at (804)983-2051 and ask for Bob Pinnetti and mention you were referred by the Sally Show. He will forward information about it to you. Different boot camps charge different prices, but they average close to $3,000 a month. If you want a structured facility (a correction-type home) that helps straighten teens out, call 1-800-355-8336. They will help you find one near you and send you information on it. You might also call 1-800-333-1069, the number for Tough Love. They will give you help in dealing with problem teens and advise you how to proceed. Also, there's another way to go: Try contacting an organization called Because I Love You (BILY). It is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting parents with troubled children of any age. BILY helps parents deal with drugs, runaways, truancy, verbal and physical abuse, curfew, dress codes and problem friends. They also handle the aggravating things like messy rooms, chores not being done and low school grades.
(310) 659-5289 / (818) 882-4881

Sally listens:
On your show Is Your Child Safe, you listed a bunch of websites where we could get more information, but the list wasn't up long enough for me to write them down. Can you give me the complete list?

Sally Sez:
Soapworks: 1(800)699-9917
Consumer Product Safety Commission: 1(800)638-2772
Danny Foundation: 1(800)83-DANNY
Vac-Alert Industries: 1(800)374-7405

Sally listens:
You did a show where your makeup expert, Richard Penna, used some sort of tanning stick on a bunch of slobs. I think the title was Help My Man Is A Slob. Can you tell me where to get the tanning stick?

Sally Sez:
It doesn't have a brand name yet. It's one of the products Richard and Sally have developed to be sold as part of a new Sally line of make-up we hope to have on the market by October.

Sally listens:
How can I contact Richard Simmons and how can I find out about making reservations for his Cruise-to-lose program?

Sally Sez:
I don't have Richard Simmons e-mail address, but you can go to his web site ( and probably find it there. Cruise-to-lose reservations: (800)637-8124

Sally listens:
I been writing you for the longest time and you haven't wrote me back and I don't understand why. Please tell me. (Stephanie)

Sally Sez:
Stephanie, you keep writing me and you keep forgetting to include your e-mail address. So there's no way I can answer you.

Sally listens:
Do you really sit down and answer these questions or is someone else answering them for you?

Sally Sez:
I do answer the questions. My webmaster downloads them and passes them on to me. I tell him how I want to answer them and he puts them on our website.

Sally listens:
I have written and e-mailed you several times and never received an answer. Can you tell me why not?

Sally Sez:
I get close to a thousand e-mails and entries from my advice page every day. It's impossible to respond to all. That's why it says on my advice page that I will answer only three advice questions each weekday and that's why is says under my e-mail address on various pages of my web site that I can't answer all e-mails. I wish I did have the time to write to each and every one of you, but if I did that there would be no show. Also, a lot of the entries either have a wrong or an incomplete e-mail return address.

Sally listens:
Can I get a tape or transcript of a particular show?

Sally Sez:
I'm afraid not. Currently we do not have the facilities to make transcripts or enough copies of shows to satisfy the demand.

Sally listens:
Are guests paid to come on your show?

Sally Sez:
No! All of their expenses for their trip to New York, including airfare and hotel room, are paid...and they are reimbursed if they lose any money by taking off from work.

Those wishing to write to sally can do so at :
Sally Jessy Raphael Show
Studios USA
15 Penn Plaza/OF2
New York, NY 10001
You can e-mail Sally at:
Please do not e-mail photos or attachments.
Sally regrets she may not be able to answer all.