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1009 Yo, Ho, Who?

Mike, Lu and Og decide to investigate the Barnacle. They've heard rumors of stranded pirates, and maybe even treasure. But when they do meet up with the Captain, the Bosun and First Mate, it's all they can do to get away. The pirates have had their fill of rock soup and are starving for their favorite meat - turtle.

1012 Sultans of Swat

Mike wants to play baseball, and gets the whole island into the game. It's a rocky start but the islanders catch on quickly -- especially Lu. Her natural talent (and habit of gloating) sparks a bitter rivalry between Mike and her. Meanwhile, the animal philosophers grow restless in the bleachers.
1013 The Mother of all Marathons

Mike might be good at little things, like balancing coconuts and sprinting, but Lu brags she'll beat her at a race of endurance. As the rest of the island prepares for the first Annual Island of Albonqutine Marathon, Lu neglects to train opting instead to hitch rides on the other runners as they near the finish line.
Jonny Quest Speed Buggy More D.O.C.

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