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Welcome to the Savory Center

Holistic Management is about managing people, land and money. It’s about working toward economic, social and environmental balance in a responsible manner. All businesses and households at some point tie back to the land and its waterways, and affect ecological health. Holistic Management is designed to help you make decisions that meet immediate needs without jeopardizing your future.

The Allan Savory Center for Holistic Management gives you tools and strategies – training, learning materials, mentoring, a support network and more – to help you improve the quality of your life and your bottom line while restoring the environment that sustains us all.

Whether you are deciding on pesticide alternatives for your home, attempting to sustain a national forest, or rewriting a corporate mission statement, you will benefit from Holistic Management.

Given a brief introduction to Holistic Management, you can begin to practice it in your daily life. Everyone can benefit from Holistic Management – from the buying decisions they make each day to managing a ranch to leading a large corporation.


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