Stephen James King has caused quite in stir in Summer Bay. His Gothic character Edward Dunglass is not a common sight amongst the stereotypical blonde haired beauties, that reside in Summer Bay. The story become more interesting when it is revealed Edward's mother is the new school principal, Ms AcKroyd! Will already has a gripe with Edward – he doesn't like goths and is annoyed that Peta is interested in Edward. Meanwhile Fisher is fascinated with Edward – claiming him to be an English genius.

Edward is Stephen's first television role although he has already played theatrical performances as the young Peter Allen.

Stephen James King (the irony of the name hasn't slipped your attention I'm sure) is 16 years old and born in Sydney. Stephen is in Year 10 this year so has the tricky task of juggling studying and Home and Away. Stephen has been "amazed by the older actors – they have taught me so much, it has felt like the new kid at school, when you walk in and don't know anyone and then you find your feet and settle in – it hasn't taken long. Everyone is so welcoming and has been fantastic".

Last year Stephen won an award at the Australian teachers of media/student film festival and won the category for the anti-discrimanton and made the finals for the crime scene ad category.

"Edward is judged by every one else, they think he is some evil character and going to cause trouble. I think it is because he looks so different from everyone else, he si not the stereotypical blonde hair blue eyed surfer who hangs out in Summer Bay – he looks quite different. So everyone has the same kind of opinion of him" Edward is a refreshing change to Summer Bay.

In any spare time Edward has he can be found at local theatre haunts, or just being a 16 year old kid and generally being out and about.