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Current day fictitious warrior, Emma Peel.

The Amazons existed.


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Archaeology Magazine

January/February 1997

"WARRIOR WOMEN OF THE EURASIAN STEPPES" New evidence suggests that tales of Amazon warriors may be more than mere legend.
An article by Jeannine Davis-Kimball

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Ancient Historian Herodotus Plato and other Ancient Historians
Where did the name "Amazon" come from? Did they cut off their breasts?
Artemis, Goddess worshipped by the Amazons All New (working) bulletin board.

Amazon Coins Time Magazine article about Amazon gravesites
Women were war veterans too
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    the amazons existed club at your leisure, except when prompted, disillusioned, or offered redemption by a god or goddess.

  • *Correction, I had written "Southern Ukraine" before. The excavation site is in Pokrova, about 1,500 East of the Southern Ukraine, as many fine Amazons quickly pointed out to me.

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