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Version Information

Opera 3.62 Beta 6

We are still hard at work on reported bugs, and will be updating this page as they are fixed. Please continue reporting bugs in this beta software. Bugs that have been fixed so far include:

  • The help function works only as long it's not nested two (or more) deep
  • Link presentation - framed
  • Related IMG bug
  • Flaw in updating the status line and tooltip as the mouse pointer is moved from link to link
  • Preferences -> Associate -> applicaton/x-gtar is spelled incorrectly, and is correctly spelled earlier in the menu as application/x-gtar
  • 'Save Page' only allows file to be saved as html
  • 'Save Page and Images as...' saves images in the last directory accessed instead of the specified directory
  • With CSS-supplied images, if the browser is set to 'Only show loaded images' and the image isn't already cached, the display stops.
  • Page with <noembed> causes Opera to hang if plugins are disabled.
  • 'More' on Hotlist is sometimes not visible
  • When a link is selected, pressing SHIFT-ENTER or SHIFT-SPACE creates two windows
  • Crasher: logging into the personal cert area of, even with plugins and scripts off
  • Cache empties on opening (16-bit)
  • Using _keyboard_ - Q and A to move up and down, Shift+Space or Shift+Enter consistently gets a spare, blank window (16-bit)
  • MORE ITEMS (in 16-bit HotList)fails to display properly
  • Shortcut key duplicated (Document Appearance and Multimedia)
  • F11 (full screen mode) removes CSS suggestions
  • Suggested filenaming not perfected for 'Save File as..."

There are still a few bugs that have not been fixed for Opera version 3.62 Beta 6. In addition, Opera will crash under the following circumstances, so be forewarned:

  • Opera crashes after pressing Ctrl+J while viewing a directory in Opera
  • Opera hangs/crashes at netmind
  • Xoom sites still crash.
  • Pages using the Adobe Acrobat plug-in to view pdf files cause Opera to crash.

Opera 3.61

Opera 3.61 is a minor update that provides greater stability and a few improvements:

  • Two security certificates have been updated--see our VeriSign certificate rollover page for more information.
  • Cache handling has been improved.
  • Memory usage has been greatly reduced. Useage of Windows resources has also been reduced.

Opera 3.60

  • Scaling on nested frames documents optimized
  • Linked style sheets duplicate window feature added
  • Image memory optimized
  • Added stripping of leading spaces on Option values for forms
  • Vertical positioning added when walking in History
  • Added support for APPLET when a PARAM element had a missing name attribute
  • Added linked CSS files for "Save Page and Images as ..."
  • Added relative names usagae for links on "Save Page and Images as ..."
  • Added checking for duplicate images for "Save Page and Images as ..."
  • Changed file name handling for "Save Page and Images as ..."
  • Optimized downloads
  • Added history handling of frame documents
  • Added support for the javascript "onClick" even handler for the SHIFT click keyboard shortcut to open link windows.
  • Added support for the opening a new window for the SHIFT click on a link with the javascript "onClick" event handler Layout:
  • Added overlapping text handlers
  • Optimized page breaks when printing table content
  • Added vertical positioning of the marker for ordered lists when line-height is specified
  • Changed default values for rows and cols in TEXTAREA element (previous 1 and 1 - now 2 and 20)
  • Added support for euro symbol (€).
  • Added support for FRAMEMARGINHEIGHT
  • Removed default spacing above first block level element (H1, H2, ...) in document and table cells. Also the default spacing below the last block level element.
  • CSS
    • "height" property now use containing block height and not containing block width.
    • Treat   as space when capitalizing text
    • Support "media-type" on STYLE element.
    • Support linked stylesheets through the META element
    • Not allow pseudo-class if not not last in selector.
    • Use 'transparent' value of "background-color" property.
    • Added parsing for "font" property
    • Changed how the value 'auto' is treated for "width" and "margin" properties
    • Added support for 'list-image' specified for a list inside a table.
    • Added support for 'text-align' in CSS and 'align' in HTML so they will not conflict.
  • OTHER:
    • Optimised GIF decoding
    • Optimised handling of transparent images
    • Added support for JS: String.Split() with an empty delimiter
    • Minor general optimisations
    • Optimised JPEG images for 16 color Windows
    • plugin optimization (notably for Shockwave 7)
    • GetURL added support for base url for frame documents
    • GetURL added support for # from plugins in urls
    • relaxed protection against javascript access between windows a bit
    • numerous minor javascript updates
    • Unsecure login forms
    • added more user privacy
    • enabled history to save full url
    • Protected user against "Cookie Monster"-bug
    • Support for Name completetion by proxy added.
      - Users of Intranet servers must enable Preferences->Advanced-> Name Completion->"Look for local network machine" Completion-> manually on new installations of Opera (or when upgrading from pre v3.50)
    • Certificate Request pages support added.
    • Added support for port numbers to be entered separately in the Proxy preferences
    • Tool bar buttons updating optimized
    • Changed the hotlist last visited update logic.
    • Added support for form checkbox and radiobutton background updating.
    • Removed delete warning when using hotlist copy
    • Changed the header in the ftp listing from H1 to H3 and reworked a couple of bitmaps used by the ftp listing.
    • Changed 16-bits - Default Browser dialog layout.
    • Added support for IntelliMouse panning in frames documents and win98.
    • Minor cosmetic changes to the hotlist properties dialogs.
    • Changed: The 16-bits version defaults to the same font as the one used by "File Manager" with fallback to system default.
    • Added: New option in "prefs->Button and status bar" [x] Use System Default When checked (the default) the custom options below will disabled and instead picked from the current system settings.
    • Added time field formatting support on the 16 bit version.
    • Added: Mini toolbar and caption for the hotlist window.
    • Changed: Added warning when deleting a single folder.
    • Added: hotlist: support for userorder - when exiting - sorting
    • Added: support for doc. containing no real title
    • Optimized: Window positioning for "saved windows" between sessions.
    • Change: Netscape bookmarks without an URL are not appended during import.
    • Optimized: Fullscreen mode between sessions.
    • Changed: /NoExit argument is no longer default for kiosk mode and will have to appended manually. E.g. Opera /KioskMode /NoExit
    • Added support for the "Stop" menu item in the right-click context-menu.
    • Increased the max. length of an URL (<~4K)
    • Added: Relative location (I.e doc#rel) is now included (if present) when adding links to the hotlist
    • Changed Ctrl+Home shortcut. Now goes to top of doc. (Ctrl+Space shortcut goes to home page)
    • Added an entry for the png file type in the "Default Browser" dialog.
    • Added "combo auto-complete" (CAC) to the direct addressing dialog and couple of other combos. To disable this feature add the following setting to opera.ini
      [USER PREFS]
      EnableComboAutoComplete = 0
      - To go to the end of the selection during CAC press Ctrl+Space.
      - To temp. disable CAC in a combo enter a space as the first character.
      Tip: If you drop down the list first (Alt+Down) CAC will track the item found. For the "Direct URL addressing" dialog this dropdown will happen automatically if the flag below is present and CAC is enabled
      [USER PREFS]
      DirectURLDialogAutoDropdown = 1
    • Added IntelliMouse features. The following shortcuts have been added: Ctrl + Wheel forward/backward = zoom in/out Shift + Wheel forward/backward = forward/back in history
    • Added a "Show Links In Frame" dialog. Primary intended for people with low vision. Keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+J. (Dialog settings is preserved in the [ShowLinksDialog] section)
    • Changed: Trailing and leading whitespace is stripped from the URL when entering URL's directly.

Last Updated 25 January 2000