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Host Unit of the
Civil War Weekend at 
Samuell Farm

PLEASE NOTE:  All of the members of the 12th Texas Cavalry would like to thank the reenactors and spectators who have supported the Samuell Farm Civil War Weekend in Mesquite, Tx over the years. We really enjoyed putting this event on and hope you enjoyed yourselves and learned something from the event. Unfortunately after several years of hosting this event the 12th Texas Cavalry has decided to take a long over due break. We will not be hosting the Samuell Farm Civil War Weekend in 2000; however we will let the reenactors know if we plan on doing this event again in the future.

We thank you all for your support !


Major Kevin Keim
12th Texas Cavalry
Samuell Farm Reenactor Coordinator

About Parsons Dragoons 12th Texas Cavalry

"The muffled drums sad roll has beat the soldiers last tattoo,
No more on life's parade shall meet that brave and fallen few."

Parsons Dragoons 12th Texas Cavalry is a group of Civil War reenactors that are based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The historical impression of the group is of the 12th Texas Cavalry, a Confederate Cavalry Regiment also known as the Parsons Dragoons. The group consists of 75 members, 14 of which are mounted, 45 that are dismounted and 16 civilians. Our mounted troops support our dismounted troops, and at times will dismount and fight beside them. We are proud to be one of the few Cavalry units that consists of both mounted and dismounted members that work together as one unit on the battlefield. This gives us the opportunity to present a unique Cavalry impression that you usually won’t see at a reenactment.

It is our common goal as reenactors to educate the general public about the events and people of the Civil War. Presenting an authentic portrayal both on and off the field is our mission.

Our Current Staff

Regimental Commander:  

Major Kevin Keim


Captain Joe Marquez
1st Lieutenant Michael Higgins
2nd Lieutenant David Pitts
First Sergeant Mike Mills
Second Sergeant Bill Gibson
Corporal Dale Forisha
Corporal Patrick Mendoza
Corporal Randy Cohen
Corporal Al Moskowitz
Corporal Ryan Petty
Corporal Russell Ross
Corporal Glenn Webber


Lieutenant Jack Strain
Sergeant Michael Tolleson

Command Staff:  

Lieutenant Lance Boltz - Regimental Adjutant

For information on:
    Recruitment, contact - Chris Mahan
    Dismounted Cavalry, contact - Joe Marquez
    Our Newsletter, contact - Lance Boltz
    Historical or Genealogy questions, contact - Mike Mills
    This Website, contact - John Seitzler

Samuell Farm 97
"Hatzenbuehler Illustrated Telegraph"

The Mighty 12th TEXAS CAV "galvanized" to Honor our Southern Ancestors by giving the Confederates targets to shoot at!


Schedule of Unit Events for the 12th TX.Cav.


Jan 22 ............... Fort Worth Stock Show Parade / Rodeo
Feb 19 .............. Saber And Lace Magnolia Ball - (San Antonio, TX - Menger Hotel)
March 25-26..... School of the Soldier Muster ( Savoy, TX )
May 20-21........ Bellmead, TX
Jun 16-18 ......... Battle of Wilson's Creek, MO
Nov 18-19........ Liendo Plantation Reenactment ( Houston, TX )
Dec 2-3 ........... Prairie Grove Reenactment ( Prairie Grove, AR )

Optional Events ( Not an official Unit Event - but may be at a later date )

May 6-7............ Jefferson, TX 
June 3-4 ........... Kaufman, TX - Registration Packet Request
Oct. 6-8............ Granbury, TX


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