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TJWalker.Com "Is the FreeRepublic.Com Really DeathThreat.Com?"

(TJWalker.Com)—New York City—July 6—A TJWalker.Com investigation of the popular political web site FreeRepublic.Com reveals that its political influence is rising even as death threats occur more frequently on its message boards. While web sites of all ideological persuasions occasionally have death threats posted, most remove the calls for violence within hours or even minutes. The Free Republic stands out for its willingness to leave death threats posted prominently for months at a time, thus lending credibility to the notion that the organizers and participants endorse such extremist measures.

The latest is a death threat against First Lady Hillary Clinton:

"Sometimes ya just gotta say it, Criss! Then again, we have to abide to standards that the hildabeaste violates daily!

Somehow, Genital Herpes just isn't enough for this duo. .357 seems more on the mark( it may take a village to whack you, you sullen bitch!) Hey billzo, fondled any chicks on a rope line lately?

Criss, have you noticed that these two assholes, the pres and his bitch, need about four layers of protection just to walk around in public? They know that everybody hates them, and wants them to be dead! Senator? yea-sure, c'mon, bitch, I got yer senater rite heayre!...Fregards"

This was posted on June 10, 1999 and can still be found on the Free Republic site at http://www.freerepublic.com/forum/a375c76a824a1.htm.

While members of Congress have recently backed away from controversial groups such as the White-Supremacist-friendly Council of Conservative Citizens, the Free Republic is boasting of closer mainstream political ties. A scheduled July 24th Free Republic public rally in the Washington-area Lafayette Park has members of Congress slated to speak and even a Republican candidate for President. Rep. James Rogan (R-CA) and Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA) are on the roster of orators. Neither Congressman returned calls from TJWalker.Com confirming their commitments to appear before those who are sympathetic to murdering the First Lady.

Many observers are confounded that Rogan, who maintains a bright and moderate image, would associate himself with a group that had already been criticized for its ties to the John Birch Society, militia movements, and the Liberty Lobby--a vehement anti-Semitic organization. But as recently as May 29th, Rogan participated in a town hall Internet forum with the Free Republic’s founder James Robinson. At that forum, Rogan called Robinson a "hero" and a "patriot."

Followers of the Free Republic gained notoriety earlier for posting death threats against President Clinton. This was the most direct:

"People, we are going to have to go to Washington, and kill this horrible bastard ourselves! He is now threatening my children and grandchildren, and I will kill him, before I let him kill my kids for his non-legacy! He, Clinton, has now embroiled The United States of America in a terrorist attack on a sovereign nation, and I will not stand-by, and let him kill my offspring. You better wake up, people, he's now gonna kill our kids, and the congress and senate are not going to do A GODDAMM THING!!!!!!! We better do it now, kids, while we've still got guns, or we're gonna be doing it with torches and pointy sticks later, with a lot more casualties!

Don't think I'll be posting here for a while, folks. I think I'll be talkin' to the USSS for a while, and trying to convince them to kill him!...Later, buds. Gonzo"

Freepers, as participants in the Free Republic’s message boards are known, also have bloody ways of expressing their foreign policy disagreements:

"Rape, Incest, or the life of the mother! Got a hunch that a lot

of people are thinking of retroactive abortion in the case of this

slug-in-our-house. Now I am not advocating the use of any illegal firearms against the personage of the First-felon-Rapist in the Whitehouse! If some member of the USSS choses to do so on their own, because an Aunt or Uncle in Yugoslavia got killed by this psychopath, I would stand in their defence, as I believe he should killed quickly, before he murders even more innocent Yugoslavian women and children! Weren't those pictures of the blasted train(that the pilot rolled back in for a second hit), and the shredded busses just wonderful??? The blasted-bits-of-body-parts video will make you sick-at-heart, folks, and WE did it!

Maybe we can just keep him locked up in the whorehouse 'till his time has expired, I hope! Sorry, Doug, love the song, now I'm waitin' for the USSR, no the USSS! Damn, I get them mixed up! ...Fregards"

Previously unreported have been the Free Republic death threats toward the media. A recent message with deadly overtones was posted for journalist Dan Rather.


"Dan Rather


11/11 Veterans Day me

I'm not exactly sure where I saw you, might have been in Danang, Hue during Tet, maybe in the Ashau during Dewey Canyon, however Dan, I did see you as I saw commotion and fielded my scope on you. Had I known, what I know now, how you would support a traitors Lump of Sh*t that resides in our house,
I would have pulled the trigger. I can assure you Sir, that despite your wife and you wanting to go down on this Low Life, as you covered his laying a wreath on the Unknown, little do you know that they Collectively (sp) Spit on him, From Lexington to Present, the Vets I know, Spit on you and the man you protect.
Semper Fi You Traitous Bastard."

Indeed, TJWalker.Com received a death threat from a Free Republic follower after writing a previous expose on this right wing web of wackiness.

The Free Republic often seems to function as a Rainbow Coalition of hate—every minority groups gets "special treatment" from members. A recent posting on killing Homosexuals:

" I was once told that 50 grains injected behind the ear cures both AIDS and homosexuality. Thats "50 grains" of lead From: D Rider"

Many political observers are wondering what it will take before Republican politicians distance themselves from a group whose members openly advocate murdering their opponents. Will it take an overt act of violence?


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