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Themes.Org News

Added 4 themes to database - bb.t.o Themes
Posted by the staff on 2nd March 2000 @ 07:56 PM PST
Added themes Deranged_P, velusia, Blood and Vista
Read More | 0 comments (0 moderated) General Forum - t.o news
Posted by Col_KFC on 2nd March 2000 @ 02:41 PM PST
In addition to the subsite forums, we've added a forum to the main site for discussion of themes, window managers and X. If you have a question you'd like answered or just want to rant about something, click on over and leave a post!
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New Blackbox Alpha - bb.t.o News
Posted by Bishop on 25th February 2000 @ 07:07 PM PST
For you Blackbox fans that aren't on the mailing list, Brad has graced us with a new Alpha release. Remember these are not normal, stable releases... more like "peeks". You can grab a copy from the Blackbox homepage or the t.o mirror.
0 comments (0 moderated)

Standard Interface? - t.o news
Posted by Col_KFC on 26th February 2000 @ 06:58 AM PST
We have a new poll, about the call for a standard interface for Linux. Please take the time to read the article and post your vote.
1 comment (0 moderated)

Site Development - t.o news
Posted by TechNoir on 10th February 2000 @ 04:54 PM PST
We've already received numerous ideas about what we should do with, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. As always we'd appreciate any suggestions or queries people have about the site (since your the ones using it every day), so if there's anything you'd like to see added or improved on, let us know.

On a fairly similar note, we're looking for more developers for the site. Ideally, if you'd like to help out, you should be fairly knowledgable of both PHP and MySQL, although if you already know Perl or another similar language, PHP isn't too difficult to pick up. Other concepts which you'll find useful to understand include XML, LDAP and CVS. If your interested you can contact either myself, the development group or join us on in the channel.

Of course, even if your not of a programming nature, you can help out in a variety of other ways. Check our volunteer page for more details.
0 comments (0 moderated)

AbiWord Weekly News: (2/23/2000) - Community
Posted by adraken on 24th February 2000 @ 03:46 PM PST
The hot, opensource, cross-platform word processor, AbiWord has issued their Weekly News Summary. Nuggets include: Tinderbox nightly compiling for AbiWord implemented, language codes changed to IETF standard, PostScript printing added, QNX port fixed a bit, HTML exporter's CSS fixed, GNOME drag-n-drop implementated, and a DTD for the XML file format that AbiWord uses has been written.
0 comments (0 moderated)

MacUser: Yet Another Eazel Article - Community
Posted by adraken on 24th February 2000 @ 03:40 PM PST
MacUser has Yet Another Intro to Eazel Article. This one is very well researched and is exactingly accurate as far as I can tell. This is newsworthy coming from a Mac zine.
0 comments (0 moderated)

GNOME Iconedit 1.0.6 Released - Community
Posted by adraken on 24th February 2000 @ 12:39 PM PST
Iain has released another version of his great GNOME Iconedit. You can grab a screenshot here and the source package here. This version uses the anti-aliased GNOME Canvas and has other tweaks and fixes.
0 comments (0 moderated)

More GNOME News - Community
Posted by adraken on 23rd February 2000 @ 08:55 AM PST
Seems like a flurry of GNOME news has happened in the last 24 hours or so, here's a summary (click on read more)
Read More | 0 comments (0 moderated)

GNOME-Libs 1.0.56 Released - Community
Posted by adraken on 23rd February 2000 @ 08:37 AM PST
Another release of gnome-libs from the stable tree: icons tweaked, zvt updates (fix memory leaks and others), canvas speedups, and many bugfixes. Get the complete Changelog here, get the source here, and don't get the CVS version. (gnome-libs-2_0 isn't close to ready for usage)
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