*** The World Has Not Ended! ***

Many people have predicted the End of the World sometime soon.
There were those who claimed Jan 1st 2000 would bring about an end, in one form or another.

Fortunately, they were proved wrong. And Y2K turned out to be either the biggest IT Success in history, or the biggest hoax since the Apollo Moonlanding!

But there are still the ravings of Nostradamus, and other sad, twisted, old loonies who just happened to decide that the oracular profession was for them. Interpretations of these ravings state that the End of the World will happen any day now, sometime over the next fifty years, or Tuesday evening, last week, just before bedtime.

This page is for all those of you who worry about such things. Will the World end? Has it ended already? This page has all the answers. It is hosted on a computer in Australia, which is many hours ahead of most of the rest of the world (and ALL of the important bits). So if the World is due to end, on a specific date and time, it will end here first!

This page offers you a 100% guarantee that the World has NOT ended.

If you believe that the World has ended, and this page is in error, please email us with the details.

Interestingly enough, numerous people have emailed us to state that the World did end!

Note: If you cannot reach this page, it does not necessarily mean that the world has ended. It may just be your own problem.

The world is still here!


This public service has been brought to you by the kind people at Plank! with valuable input from Immy


Thanks to Telstra BigPond for hosting this page in Australia!