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Photo taken by Jan Pina.

Welcome to Kitesurfing School.  This site is dedicated to beginners learning how to kitesurf all by themselves.   It's also useful to all kitesurfers who are interested in kitesurfing in light wind (5 to 15 knots).  Kitesurfing is a rapidly growing sport.  Please bookmark this page as this site will be updated frequently to keep up with the new equipment improvements, new techniques and new experiences.

If you have visited this site in the past, please click here to view the list of all the latest modifications to this site since August 8, 1999.

This web site was created based on:

  • My own experience in learning kitesurfing
  • Discussion with and/or observation of other kitesurfers in action (Jan, Terry, Antonio, Cory, Teresa, Mathew, Andre, Roy, Ian, Alex, Ben, Mat, Kane, Stephanie, Mat, Dale, Dave, Josh and some other kitesurfers)
  • Private e-mails with a number of kitesurfers world-wide
  • Discussions on the Kitesurfing School and Kitesurfing mailing lists.
  • Comments, suggestions, corrections and contributions from many kitesurfers worldwide.

What you will find in this site

Photo taken by Steve Slaby.

Why was this site created?

What can you do to help?

What About Safety?

Kitesurfing is not as dangerous as some other sports such as hang gliding; however, kitesurfing is more dangerous compared to other "safer" sports such as windsurfing.  In kitesurfing or any other forms of power kiting, safety has to be taken seriously.  If you are learning kitesurfing all by yourself, make sure that you have read and fully understood the safety section before attempting to kitesurf.


The owners, webmasters, authors and contributors of this site make no representation nor warranty regarding errors, missing of and correctness of the information contained in this web site.  Use the information contained herein at your own risk.  The owners, webmasters, authors and contributors are not responsible for any loss or accident to you or to other third parties including loss of business, loss of sale, equipment or property damage, injury or death resulting from you or other third parties using the information contained herein.

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