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Halfbrain is reinventing the web with tools that transform static pages into intelligent applications. Non-programmers can now author sophisticated, interactive content quickly and easily.

BrainMatter, our first product, is a full-featured spreadsheet application written entirely in Dynamic HTML. BrainMatter is delivered to your browser like any other web page. This allows you to:
  • Access hundreds of pre-designed templates and calculators from Halfbrain.com, or easily convert your own Excel 2000 documents
  • Rapidly develop intelligent web pages in BrainMatter’s design-time spreadsheet authoring mode
  • Access data feeds, images and databases over the Internet in real-time
  • Embed calculators within your own web pages
  • Move more of your content authoring to non-programmers

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System requirements: Halfbrain applications currently require Internet Explorer 4 or 5, or AOL 4 or 5, running in Windows. Netscape Navigator 4.5+ and Macintosh compatibility is under development.

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