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Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade

Completed Inquiry: The loss of HMAS Sydney


The Committee presented its Report on the loss of HMAS Sydney to the Senate on 22 March 1999. Copies of the individual chapters are available in both PDF and HTML format. The report is also available from the Committee Secretariat.

The tabling speeches in both the Senate ( Senator MacGibbon; Senator Macdonald; Senator Margetts) and the House of Representatives (Dr Theophanous; Mr Hawker; Mr Price; Dr Southcott) are now available in HTML format.

(To view or print the PDF document, you will require the Acrobat® PDF Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe®.)

Summary of Conclusions and Recommendations   

Chapter 1: Introduction (13KB)

    Chapter 1: HTML version

Chapter 2: The Debate on HMAS Sydney (32KB)

   Chapter 2: HTML version

    G; Hermon Gill
    Michael; Montgomery
    Barbara; Winter
    Tom; Frame
    The; Sydney Forums

Chapter 3: Documentary Evidence (21KB)

   Chapter 3: HTML version

    Australian; Material
    Overseas; Sources

Chapter 4: The Engagement (75KB)

   Chapter 4 HTML version

    The; Debate Surrounding the loss of Sydney
    Gill;'s Account
    Reconsidering; the Engagement

Chapter 5: Signals, Submarines and Speedboats (54KB)

   Chapter 5 HTML version

    Signals; sent from Kormoran
    Signals; sent from Sydney
    Theories; of Third Party Involvement
    The; Leichtes Schnellboot (Light Speed Boat)

Chapter 6: The Aftermath (82KB)

   Chapter 6 HTML version

    Discovery; of Kormoran Survivors
    The; Search for Sydney Begins
         Table 6.1
    Release; of Information about the Loss
    The; Interrogations
    No; Survivors
    Was; an Inquiry Held?

Chapter 7: The Unknown Sailor (85KB)

   Chapter 7 HTML version

    Origins; of the Carley Float
    The; Body
    The; Cemetery
    Should; the Body be Exhumed?
    Legal; Authority for Exhumations

Chapter 8: Searching for Sydney and Kormoran (74KB)

   Chapter 8 HTML version

    Should; a Search be Mounted?
    Technical; Challenges
    Funding; a Search
    Management; Issues

Chapter 9: Commemoration (21KB)

   Chapter 9 HTML version

    Commemoration; to Date
    Future; Research

List of submissions  

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