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Thursday, March 02, 2000

Arts & Entertainment:

Samurai liar By Michael Sragow
Hidden identities, an aborted marriage and a hooker without a heart of gold inhabit Soren Kragh-Jacobsen's droll "Mifune." (03/02/00)

Dreaming in television By Daniel Kunitz
Nam June Paik's TV installations paint the Guggenheim Museum with the psychedelic colors of the cathode ray. (03/02/00)

Needle and the damage done By Alex Pappademas
DJ Kid Koala demos "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome." (03/02/00)

Sharps & Flats By Michelle Goldberg
Reggae legend and Massive Attack collaborator Horace Andy returns to the rootsy style and socially conscious work of his early Studio One career. (03/02/00)

Blue Glow By Joyce Millman
Salon's TV picks for Thursday, March 2, 2000 (03/02/00)


The love rabbi By Sarah Blustain
Shmuley Boteach's sex-positive, gentile-friendly Orthodox Judaism sounds too good to be true. It is. (03/02/00)

Everyday genius By Kate Moses
Joanna Scott's visionary new novel tells the story of an orphan torn between black and white grandparents. (03/02/00)

"Basil Street Blues: A Memoir" by Michael Holroyd By Janice P. Nimura
The distinguished British biographer turns the spotlight on his dubious family and himself. (03/02/00)


Ruben Bolling
Citizen warning: Dangerous gang terrorizing Los Angeles (03/02/00)

Health & Body:

Passing the polygraph By Susan McCarthy
Professional criminals are the ones most likely to beat the lie detector. (03/02/00)

The truth about the polygraph By Susan McCarthy
It's junk science, but proponents say it can be a useful tool in interrogations, and even a deterrent. (03/02/00)


Letters to the editor
Has evolution ensured survival of the rapists? Plus: Kiddie sales force is exploitation; hot and bothered over RealDolls sex dolls. (03/02/00)


Election-free TV By Sean Elder
The Big 3 networks are giving the candidates about 30 seconds of air time an evening. Hell, most ads are longer than that. (02/29/00)

Mothers Who Think:

Home labor By Nora Macaluso
Stay-at-home moms chase pocket money and "a life" through a revived home-party selling industry. The overhead is low -- and so are their earnings. (03/02/00)

Don't ask, don't sell By Kerry Ose
My parents' experience as network marketers soured me for the new wave of home parties. (03/02/00)


Temps for the vast right-wing conspiracy By Joe Conason and Gene Lyons
Richard Mellon Scaife and other leaders in the effort to bring down President Clinton were driven by ideology. Meet Larry Nichols and Larry Case, who were in it for the money. (03/02/00)

Is the digital divide a black thing? By Lee Hubbard
As Jesse Jackson opens his Silicon Valley office, some black tech execs say the issue is class, not race. (03/02/00)

Politics 2000:

Smirk from the past By Jacques Leslie
In college, George W. Bush and his membership in Skull and Bones seemed to represent an Old World patronage on the brink of collapse. Or so I thought. (03/02/00)

The new callousness By Arianna Huffington
California's Prop. 21 shows how politicians would rather put troubled kids behind bars than rehabilitate them. (03/02/2000)

The gloves stay on By Jake Tapper
But why is Bill Bradley so confident? (03/02/00)

Dems debate while Republicans take late night Compiled by Max Garrone
Bradley and Gore stage their last debate, the GOP contenders appear with Letterman and Leno and the New York campaign really heats up. (03/02/00)


Kiss off, Kate By Cintra Wilson
Give me a ralphing Pilgrim, a dolphin porn movie and sex-shy turtles over some reheated Broadway operetta any day. (03/02/00)

Flowergate! By Amy Reiter
MSNBC pundit Norah O'Donnell plucks up! Plus: Porn stars do it for democracy. And: Jennifer Lopez's dress voted most popular. Butt refuses to comment. (03/02/00)


Where do you want to work today? By Katharine Mieszkowski
Microsoft goes for "station domination," wallpapering a San Francisco subway station with recruiting ads. (03/02/00)

Big Bouncer is watching you By Lydia Lee
Biometric smart-card scanners are keeping undesirable elements out of Dutch clubs. (03/02/00)

Travel & Food:

The fine print By Donald D. Groff
What to do when airlines bait and switch, plus advice on the Delaware-Virginia question and nonpackage tours of England and Ireland. (03/02/00)

Sexual license, cross-dressing and other healthy behavior By Burt Wolf
Why we need the excesses of Carnival. (03/02/00)

Fowl play in an English village By J.A. Getzlaff
Townspeople are stumped by a chicken-style whodunit. (03/02/00)

Wednesday, March 01, 2000

Arts & Entertainment:

The ballad of Luther and Johnny By Sarah Vowell
In the jungles of Southeast Asia, 12-year-old twins lead a band of rebels. My twin sister and I got into trouble a lot, too. (03/01/00)

Who really killed the video star? By Andy Dehnart
It took 18 years for MTV to air 1 million videos. How long will the next million take? We do the math. (03/01/00)

Sharps & Flats By Joe Heim
Message to Smashing Pumpkin Billy Corgan: You are not God. (03/01/00)

Blue Glow By Joyce Millman
Salon's TV picks for Wednesday, March 1, 2000 (03/01/00)


The empty man By Chris Lehmann
Is lots and lots of money all there is to George W. Bush? Molly Ivins says yes, Elizabeth Mitchell says no. (03/01/00)

Carrying justice By David Moberg
Why is the job of overturning wrongful death penalty convictions being left to a handful of students and academics? (03/01/00)

"Scandalmonger" by William Safire By Katharine Whittemore
The pundit and language columnist crafts a potboiler of sleaze and slander in the republic's infancy. (03/01/00)


Keith Knight One black male, four white police officers, 41 shots

Health & Body:

The chemical knife By Kevin Giordano
Will Tennessee be the next state to approve castration for sex offenders? (03/01/00)


Letters to the editor
Are impoverished children doomed? Plus: John Stossel's journalistic integrity; having a gas with flatulism story. (02/29/00)


Election-free TV By Sean Elder
The Big 3 networks are giving the candidates about 30 seconds of air time an evening. Hell, most ads are longer than that. (02/29/00)

Mothers Who Think:

Fear with a shot of vanity By Pia Hinckle
Marketers capitalize on the insecurity and ignorance of new parents. (03/01/00)

We obsess, therefore we buy By Karen Karbo
Parenting manuals multiply along with parental insecurities. (03/01/00)


Diallo is a martyr, but the cops aren't murderers By Stanley Crouch
Racism didn't kill the African immigrant, but his death has forced the police and the community to reckon better with one another. (03/01/00)

A tale of two killings By Jesse Drucker
Did politics play a role when Rudy Giuliani demanded a federal civil rights suit against the killer of Yankel Rosenbaum, but opposes one in the Diallo case? Ya think? (03/01/00)

Hitler's apologist By Heather World
In a London courtroom, Holocaust denier David Irving gets to argue the details of the persecution of the Jews against the world's leading experts. (03/01/00)

Politics 2000:

Bush has a Tuesday sweep By Anthony York
The front-runner wins the trifecta and regains the momentum from McCain -- again. (03/01/00)

Bush strikes back By Daryl Lindsey
McCain's insurgency may play well with the Yankees, but down here south of the Mason-Dixon line, it's solid Bush country. (03/01/00)

No this time By Alicia Montgomery
Northern Virginia's newly wealthy tech belt didn't provide the bounce McCain needed to overcome Bush's entrenched power in Tuesday's primary. (03/01/00)


This Walls can talk By Amy Reiter
Walls vs. Drudge, dish diggers duke it out. Also, the pants off her back: There's nothing Jessica Simpson's mom wouldn't do for her daughter. Plus: Who's gonna talk about Cody? Kathie Lee to leave "Live." (03/01/00)

Lust and bullets at Rumba Beach By Carlos Amantea
If Chaucer had retired to a trailer in Margaritaville, would he spend his evenings watching Fellini movies? He might. (03/01/00)


Should your boss know about those visits to the shrink? By Thomas Scoville
Employers sniffing through medical records, would-be forgers having UPS deliver your signature -- Simson Garfinkel reveals a world rife with privacy violations in "Database Nation." (03/01/00) By Donna Ladd
Gay activists go after Paramount, demanding that it cancel plans for a TV show starring the talk-radio moralist. (03/01/00)

Travel & Food:

"Bruce Chatwin: A Biography" By Jonathan Miles
A superb portrayal of the restless and randy travel writer brings us as close to his hidden heart as we're likely to get. (03/01/00)

Swedish telecommunications company goofs By J.A. Getzlaff
Mock hijacking of bus goes haywire. (03/01/00)


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