by John Kricfalusi


  • Animation vs. Cartoons
  • What Cartoons Do Best
  • Cartoons Are Caricatures
  • Use the Medium
  • Animation Has Lost Its Priority
  • Cartoons' Roots
  • The Fleischer Cartoons
  • Betty Boop
  • Popeye
  • Illustration Notes

  • Bimbo Model Sheet PEOPLE love cartoons. I've always known this. I never considered cartoons to be for kids. I've always taken it for granted that cartoons were for everybody- young, old, all sexes, rich, poor, smart, stupid, clean-living and morally-depraved alike. Cartoons, like Rock 'n' Roll, are Pop Culture.


    Let me draw a distinction between "Animation" and "Cartoons". "Animation" is a broad, all-encompassing term that basically means "a succession of images that create the illusion of motion". This definition covers a wide group of very different mediums of expression, including Claymation, Sand Animation, Disney Animation, Flip Books, and Cartoons. All of these art forms technically qualify as "Animation", but the most fun of them all is the Animated Cartoon. The key word here is fun.

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