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We got X-Files stuff, Homicide stuff, and some non-TV stuff.

The X-Files

  • The Last Straw by R.L. Montoya. Rated R. 11K.
    Broke my own rule -- no romance -- but LOTS of angst. In this vignette, Scully stands up for herself and Mulder gets his due. Set after "Demons."

  • Murky by R.L. Montoya. Rated PG. 4K.
    A semi-angsty vignette taking place during the episode "Quagmire." What if Dr. Faraday hadn't interrupted the conversation on the rock?

  • so far so close by R.L. Montoya. Rated PG. 4K.
    Someone's spying on Scully.

  • This is the End. by R.L. Montoya. Rated PG. 9K.
    An angsty vignette depicting my take on how the X-Files might end.

  • 1000 Rainy Days by R.L. Montoya. Rated R. 245K. FINALLY FINISHED!
    When Scully begins experiencing a strange form of empathy, it affects her work on an abduction case. Mulder reacts oddly, becoming more and more attracted to her because of her distress, but the consequences of and reasons for her new ability are more far-reaching than either of them realize.

Homicide: Life on the Street

  • Tempting Virtue. Rated R.
    A short story that picks up where the episode "A Many Splendored Thing" left off: Bayliss explores his dark side, as Frank suggested.

  • Love and War. A new lawyer is not what she seems, and she's got the homicide squad all in a tizzy. (It's got an original character in it that I really like. She may show up in some of my non-TV stuff!)

  • Pathetique. Rated R. A short scene or two that I wrote for a friend who wanted a lusty scene with Kellerman...

  • Raining in Baltimore. Unfinished, but I like it better than almost anything else I've written. Sort of a sequel to "Love and War," the Homicide squad gets their new detective and Munch is less than thrilled to be partnered with her.

  • Losing My Religion. A short scene to redeem Kellerman after Fallen Heroes.

Mine, all mine!

Well, I could put up some of my old stuff, but... NAH. Hopefully this section will grow. The TV stuff got me started writing again after a long hiatus, and I'm finally getting back into the creative swing of things!

Feedback on Any of the above Is Greatly Appreciated.

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