Klonoa lives in Breezegale village with Grandpa. He's our main hero.

Huepow, the Ring Spirit
Klonoa's best friend, he fell out of the sky one day.

Balue served as the head of Breezegale's Gunston Mine.

Grandpa is the village elder of Breezegale. He raised Klonoa.

Granny of the Tree Village
She's the village elder of Forlock, the tree village. Granny holds some of the world's secrets.

King Seadoph
The one and only king of Phantomile's Kingdom of Jugpot. King Seadoph protects the Everlasting Water that supplies Phantomile with Water.

Lephise Lephise, the Singing Diva
Lephise is the singing diva of lore who sings the Song of Rebirth.

ghadius Ghadius
Ghadius is the Dark Spirit who has awaken from his slumber. He plots to turn Phantomile into a world of nightmares.

joka Joka
Ghadius's sidekick. He'll do whatever he has to just to please Ghadius.

Rongo Lango Rongo Lango
A beast with savage strength. He can create dangerous shockwaves and ripples on the ground.

These cute critters are just everywhere.

This guy just wants a piece of Klonoa, so whenever he sees Klonoa, he'll try to ram him.

teton Teton
He drifts about in the air and floats higher when Klonoa grabs him.

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