Enter The Pythian Group website...

"With 400,000 members and up to 4,000 people online at any given time, our AsianAvenue.com community has really highlighted The Pythian Group's strengths at making Oracle scale. When we launched our second online community, BlackPlanet.com, we made sure the dbasource team was on the job from day one."
-Mike Montero,
CTO, Community Connect

"We work side by side with the dbasource team every day. We've gotten to know them personally, and they've taken the time to really understand our business. Whenever we need them, they are available and ready to help."
-Rick Strom,
IS Manager, Endicott Johnson Corporation

"Our mission critical applications need the full time attention that the Pythian Group provides. The Pythian Group team clocked over 80 person-hours in a single weekend to complete our migration from NT to Solaris. If all we had was a salaried DBA, that migration would have cost us a week of downtime."

-James Healy,
CEO, IN2 Inc., a subsidiary of TMP Worldwide

Stop worrying about Oracle.