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    • if you're bored, you could read my fav manifest
    • browse my poetry section for a peek inside me.
    • Wanna see something funny??  The infamous Lamer Logs.
      (Remember, we were all lamers at one time or another -- even me!)
    • Something that I know will interest a lot of you, the Anti-BSA website.
    • A Free Online Storage Sites Listing.
    • An interesting site you all might like: The DirtChamber, where their slogan is "We dig so you don't have to!"
    • r@yMAN Design Studio - nice plugs site.

A few shameless plugs -- SUPPORT YOUR ARTISTS!

FREE MUSIC:     Hope you like metal!   =)
  • Birmingham's own OBLIVIAXE -- a PREMIERE Southern Heavy Metal band with in-your-face rhythms and vocals!  Talk about HIGH ENERGY!
  • Also, there's Full of Rage -- a Death Metal band from Kentucky -- it's like Type O Negative meets Sepultura!!
  • There's the pride of Mississippi -- Lambotomy -- They opened for OBLIVIAXE at one of their recent gigs, and I must say I was IMPRESSED!!  Vocal lashings comparative to that of Pantera, with the energy of Limp Bizkit, and the crunch of Sepultura, this group of youngsters has it all!  If you ever get to see them live, by all means, DO!  Justin thrashes around like Henry Rollins on speed and delivers such a powerful enthralling performance for someone so small!  ;)
    Good show, guys!

nice thoughts ...

Greetz go out to my Crew (hey homies!), Bobbi (my fav NE grammy!), Fravia+ (Thank You for all you've done!), Leonardo (LeoWorld forever rules!), Jason, JAR (eh, Midi! ;)), Jennifer & the other "Fountain Frogs", DaVinci, the alt.2600.warez Irregulars & Critics, netking, phroGg, Evil_Odie, FOSI, STaRDoGG, OBLIVIAXE, Racer-X, AngryAngel (hey Cubby!), DeadBoy, Critter (oi!), DASavant, ShannoW (adidas boy!), KiRCH0FF, Splatter, ASTRO, Zor, Eg0iste, and my lovelies in Efnet's #phrozencrew, #zor, #cdx, #immortaldescendants, and #cracks.   (my apologies if I've forgotten anyone, you know how my memory is! =p)

Group Greetz: PC, UCF, COTSE, iCE, SII, CDX, TSI, WKT, Serials'99 Crew, & so many others I *KNOW* I'm forgetting!  =)

My heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone for their help and support!  Special thanks should also go out to my contributors (past and present) for hosting my mirrors ... I couldn't have done this without you!

not-so-nice thoughts ...

I'd just like to take this time to extend a hearty FUCK YOU to the following people:
  • Alpha-1 (formerly of XCrew Team, now ex-TNT member) for ripping off the Serials' 99/2000 Crew and for ripping off my website repeatedly, then denying the whole thing.
  • Kesro alias MI of the Hungarian Pirates Alliance for also copying my site.
  • Various assholes who rip off my pages:   Minh Phuong N. Dang, Wiz AdamC, Roman G. Crafty, Jens Gng, Inf, BosyDong.
  • The assholes of Nemesis Force for ripping off my artwork, then having the gall to ask me to support their group!
  • Luc Mook and his lame assed site for ripping off Leonardo and LeoWorld.
  • "Phrozen" JOEL and the "Phrozen Clan" for being a lamers in general
  • for being tight-assed whiny pricks
  • PCM Computer Systems for selling out the forces that drive their sales
  • New Era for being complete assholes and dicking over my boyz
  • SJE & JM for being the back-stabbing manipulative bitches that they are
  • the BSA, the SPA/SIIA, the RIAA, the CCS, the IFPI, FRANTIC (FBI), the IDSA  (grow up, fellas!)
  • also, all the "victims" of SPAMINATOR's LIST  (I'm glad you're on OUR side, mate!)
  • last (and least IMO), 'Anti-Zor'  (you're a sad little man, give it up!)

Random Quote:

"A woman is like a teabag; She never knows how strong she is until she gets into hot water."  --  Eleanor Roosevelt

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