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12/2 - interviews Travis Williams
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9/10 - Planet.Unreal interviews
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September 16, 1998

November 9, 1998

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Duck (Mallard)

If you're hunting ducks, you can expect to find them near water, usually in groups of around 7. Ducks often respond well to good calling and decoys. If a duck is spotted, ensure that it is airborne before taking a shot. Be careful not to spook these birds, since they're likely to take to the air and stay high up out of range.

Doves can be extremely tough to hunt, requiring you to cover lots of ground. When you're hunting doves, walk into all brushy areas and pay attention to your surroundings. Doves can spook very easily and are very quick in flight.

Geese (Canadian)
Geese can be found near water sources. They often respond well to good calling and decoys. If you spot a goose, make sure that it's in the air before firing.