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Here is part one of my latest work in Progress ( A sequel to A First Hello, which you can find at the link below :)
Title: A Witch, A Man, and the Truth 1/?
Author: Caitlin
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Anything with Diana in it up to, but not including, "Two Fathers"
Short Summary: A prequel to my fic "A First Hello" Shows the events that lead up to the events in the other fic.
Copyright: Blah Blah Blah, I do not own these characters the oh-so-wonderful people at 1013 do.

Mulder walked into Special Agent Diana Fowley's office, the office that had at one point in time belonged to him. She and Agent Spender had gotten the basement office right along with the X-Files. He was glad to see that Spender was out of the office at the moment, mainly because he didn't trust the guy a bit. Diana smiled as he walked in, and it brought to his mind times long since past, ones that should most defiantly remain in the past, especially with the feelings he had for Scully, ones that he wanted to explore. Ones that he would almost certainly never get a chance to explore further if Scully kicked his ass for being with Diana, for thinking about her in the way that he was. He didn't know how Scully would take it if she knew about his past with Diana. Besides, it truly was in the past, Scully was his present. He didn't think that there was a need to hurt her with it. Plus he still wanted to find out whether Diana could be trusted or not, and he had to spend time with her in order to find that out.

"Diana, I got your message that you wanted my help with something, a case. What is it that you need my help with?" He asked.

"Thank you for coming so quickly Fox, have a seat." She was the only one besides his mother who had enough nerve to call him Fox, he bugged him, but she never failed to do it everytime she saw and talked to him "Agent Spender and Myself are currently working on a case, an X-Files of course."

"Of course." He said with sarcasm in his voice.

"A series of strange accidents have been threatening the lives of certain towns people, a chemical bio-hazard. I could use your expertise."

"Doesn't exactly seem up my alley Diana. And I think that you know that."

"The chemical is not made up of any recognizable substance from this planet Fox. I believe that that is directly up your 'alley' ." He made him so mad, not to mention uneasy, when someone knew him as well as she did. The only other person that he could think of that came close was Scully.

"Sounds intriguing. But I'm not allowed to work on any X-Files, nor is Agent Scully."

"I have taken the liberty of requesting permission for you to assist me from A.D. Skinner and Kershe."

"What about Scully. She has a nack for those Bio-hazard things you know."

"We don't need her Fox, she would only impede the investigation. Don't you recall how well we worked together. Once upon a time." He remembered, but he happened to think that he and Scully worked well together too, she made him work for his answers, Diana spoon fed them to him. He valued Scully's opinion over Diana's, mostly because she was honest. Mulder valued honesty in people, because it was often so had to find in them.

"I think that you are seriously underestimating Agent Scully's capabilities Diana." Diana gave him a thin smile.

"Fine, whatever you think is best Fox. We'll leave for Capeside Beach tomorrow, 9 a.m." He stood up and walked out of her office. He headed back to the bullpin where he and Scully now worked since being kicked
out of their former office. She looked up at him as he entered his cubical which was next to her.

"What did Agent Fowley want this time Mulder?" He saw her distrust of Diana played out on her face, and it almost made him want to laugh, she looked so cute when she got that look on her face.

"Why Scully if I didn't know better I'd say you were jealous." He teased.

"And if I didn't know better I'd think you liked her. Oh wait, I don't know better Mulder." She replied.

"Down girl! She just wants our help with a case, that's all." He smiled at her, in his charming way.

"Our help Mulder? Are you absolutely sure that you don't mean your help but you forced her to take me on as well?"

"Well gee Scully when you go and put it that way it sounds so negative." How could he get Scully to lay off Scully for long enough for him to find out the truth about her?

"Listen Scully, I want you to trust me, can you do that? I want the truth about her just like you do." He put his hand on her shoulder and squeezed it. She glanced up at him with a look of understanding and trust on her face.

"Yeah, sure, okay Mulder. We'll go along with her and Agent Spender on their case. If nothing else it'll give us a chance to try to figure her out." What Scully wanted to say, wanted to ask, was how Diana was part of Mulder's past. It drove her crazy at times, not knowing what part that woman had played in Mulder's past life. But she was to afraid to ask, to find out the truth. She was afraid of what the truth might hold. X had once said 'Don't unopen doors you aren't prepared to go through.' And Scully had taken that bit of advice to heart. Especially in the case of Mulder. Maybe she didn't want to know about him and Diana.

* * * * * *

Scully held back the glare that she wanted to throw in Agent Fowley's direction as the four of them boarded the plane. But she willed herself to be more mature than that, and she didn't want to get the case of on the wrong foot. This was business, and maybe it'd be easier to get through the next few days working with Diana if she thought of it that was. But Scully was now wondering if she might feel better after all if she asked Mulder about the truth about Diana, about when she had been his "Chickadee" as Frohike had put it at one point. At least than her mind might be put at rest. But it didn't look like she and Mulder were going to get anytime together for awhile, at least until the case was over. Diana was sticking on Mulder like bile on Toom's hideaway. She went to take the seat next to Mulder, as Diana sat next to Agent Spender.

"So, Agent Fowley, tell me a little more about this case. It has me curious." Scully said, trying her best to keep the peace.

"All we really know is that in the town of Capeside Beach several people have been killed by a fatal biological toxin. Scientists who have already analyzed a sample of the chemical say that it can't be identified as anything from this planet. They aren't quite sure yet what it is, where it comes from, or why it is so deadly. They have asked the F.B.I to aide them in their investigation." Diana told her. Scully wondered for a moment if Diana was telling her everything that she knew. For now, she and Mulder would have to assume that she was.

* * * * * *

After they settled in to the motel, Scully went to the vending machine to get a Diet Pepsi. She was walking back to her room, which was next to Mulder's, when she saw Diana walking out of Mulder's room. She waited behind the corner until she got back into her own room, and than walked over to Mulder's door. She absolutely had to ask him what was the deal with him and Diana, because at this point she just kept imagining the worst. She knocked hard on his door.

"Scully," he said, "What's up? Oh come in and have a seat" He said smiling at her.

"Thanks Mulder. But I really just came to ask you something."

"Yeah, so shoot."

"I want to know how you know Diana. I know that you knew her when you started the X-Files. Now I want to know how." He sighed, and opened the door wider.

"Scully, maybe you should come in after all, this could take a while."... be continued
copyright sweet relationshippers inc.

Part 2 to come soon!

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