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Do What?

The Pig Latin Converter will take any web page and convert all the text
into Pig Latin. All pictures, links, tags, etc etc should still be
there. Note that all the links will go through the converter.. this
means that any link you follow off of a converted page will get converted
itself (IE: You can view the whole web in pig latin!)! All you have to
do is put in the URL of the page you want to see.

Frames Version

The Pig Latin Homepage with frame support!
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Feb 1997
Finally made it so that &word; stuff works.
Check out: CNet's for a good example.


1) ImageMaps don't work properly, sorry.. it's just the way it is.

2) Forms should work, but it will probably kick you out of the Pig Latin Converter.

3) You can't convert gif files. IE: Links to just gifs won't work. (I'm trying to think of a solution to this.. give me a few :)).

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