March 2, 2000

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  PSX > previews > Evil Dead: Ashes 2 Ashes

screenshot 1
Scary, funny, outrageous and soaked with evil bloody, Evil Dead is coming to a PlayStation near you.

Game Info
Heavy Iron
Number of Players
Dual Shock
Fall 2000
Memory Pack

screenshot 2
Ash's adventures never seem to end, only endlessly begin.

screenshot 3
Nice house, right? Bet you the Necronomicon is up there just waiting to be opened and read...

screenshot 4
With shotgun in one hand and a very agile chainsaw as the other, Ash is an extremely well adjusted fellow...

Evil Dead: Ashes 2 Ashes

Come see the first screenshots from THQ's horrific adventure game.

March 2, 2000

Less than a month ago, one of the most conservative (and profitable) companies in North America decided to get a little bloody. THQ, best known for its middle America games such as bowling, fishing, wrestling, and pool, turned evil. It turned toward the wild "Mad Arab" ramblings of the Necronomicon, blood red with delight, chainsaw, shotgun, blood, guts, and all. It turned Evil Dead.

As promised, we have brought you the first new pieces of info and artwork on the upcoming videogame Evil Dead: Ashes 2 Ashes, which is based in concept on the movie that horrified and entertained millions when Sam Raimi brought out the 1982 cult classic Evil Dead.

Developed by Heavy Iron Studios, and in conjunction with Renaissance Studios (Director Sam Raimi's movie house), THQ's Evil Dead: Ashes to Ashes is a big step in the direction of the "hardcore gamer." Bringing its skills from the 1998 RPG Parasite Eve, developer Heavy Iron -- made up of several team members from the now disbanded Square LA -- looks to bring a cinematic adventure experience to gamers with all of the action, blood and gore the movie delivered.

Using a combination of well-placed still cameras and angles "true to the movie," Heavy Iron is starting with prerendered, layered backgrounds and environments straight from the Evil Dead movies. Many of the backgrounds are to include animations and will be rendered in 24-bit color, a first for any PlayStation game. Heavy Iron is confident that by using high ratio compression schemes and skilled PlayStation programmers, it can avoid any load times whatsoever, providing the player with continuity and fluidity throughout the game, something that Resident Evil still doesn't do well.

Players assume the role of Ash, the ever-ready hero who simply won't die. Whether you've seen the movies or not, gamers should be delighted to know that actor Bruce Campbell, who played Ash in the movie, will perform voice-overs throughout the game. His ironic sensibility and knack for campy one-liners somehow seem perfect for a videogame. The square-jawed shotgun-toting, chainsaw-armed hero begins this brand new story with all of his weapons, including a wide range of upgradeable weapons yet to be revealed. Players can be sure that this game will receive a Mature rating, as Ash uses his chainsaw to rip through the Deadites and other baddies who cross his path, while providing plenty of pain with his trusty shotgun.

While THQ came forth with the game's blend of action, adventure and puzzle-solving, it wouldn't reveal anything new about what kind of puzzles the game is to be comprised. But players will be able to romp through non-linear designed levels, which hints at lots of cleverly designed backtracking -- not the kind we're already used to. Heavy Iron did say that the game includes both environments and scenes from the Evil Dead movies as well as new ones created specifically for the game.

As usual, we'll bring you as much coverage on Evil Dead that your good hearts can handle.

As a little extra for you serious Evil Dead fans, check out this full up-to-date interview with the Star of Evil Dead on our ForMen site: Bruce Campbell Interview.

Douglass Perry

Screenshots courtesy of Chud.com

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