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Why Dogs Make Better Fishing Buddies Than Humans Do

by Sandy Lindsey

1. Dogs are loyal, faithful and don't lie about how they've caught bigger fish than you.

2. Dogs don't steal your favorite lures (though an especially cute pupper might steal your heart).

3. Once back at the dock, a dogs won't tell tales about what a bad day on the water you had.

4. Dogs will listen to endless repetitions of your "big one" story without complaint.

5. A dog will never arrive at your boat attired in perfectly color-coordinated pastel fishing clothes that just scream out...geek.

6. A dog will never drink the last beer. (The same, however, cannot be said of the last turkey sandwich in the cooler.)

7. A dog will never try to guess how much you paid for your boat and then snidely tell you that you should have gone to his Uncle Bubba for a better deal.

8. Dogs rarely call at the last minute to say they're sick (especially if there's going to be the above-mentioned cooler packed with sandwiches on board).

9. Dogs don't demand a turn driving your brand new, ostentatiously-overpowered fishing machine.

10. A dog will never tell that you were napping when "the big one that" you'd waited for your entire life arrived, nibbled at your bait, and, with a goodbye splash, left for better waters (because he will have been napping right along side you).

c 1996 Sandy Lindsey

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