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Chapter II
Color Theory
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Lessons in this chapter
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What Is Color
Creating Displaying Digital Color
Capturing Digital Color
Digital Printing

Controlling Digital Image Quality

Chapters in this book
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Chapter I
Digital Imaging Fundamentals

Chapter II
Digital Color Theory

Chapter III
Desktop Imaging Systems & Issues

Chapter IV
Introduction to Digital Imaging

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This course includes basic color theory and describes how color is represented and reproduced digitally.

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What is Color? Example
Lesson 1. What is Color?
In this Lesson, we will explore the characteristics and properties of color.
Creating/Displaying Digital Color Example
Lesson 2. Creating / Displaying Digital Color
In this Lesson, we will look at the basis for a lot of what you see today, the colors found in magazines, newspapers, and televisions.
Capturing Digital Color Example
Lesson 3. Capturing Digital Color
In this Lesson, we will look at how you are able to obtain digital color from digital cameras and scanners.
Digital Printing Example
Lesson 4. Digital Printing
In this Lesson, we will look closely at ways to digitally print color.
Controlling Digital Image Quality Example
Lesson 5. Controlling Digital Image Quality
In this Lesson, we will explore how you can control the quality of digital images.
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