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January 2nd

Yes...finally we're on the year 2000...and we thought when we were kids that the cars will be flying at this time and stuff like that... LO L...nothing changed! Gaming-City died for a while...but now...thank god that is back  :) ...i made 2 more carskinz...i post the screenshots right here to let u save some time without checking the rest of the pages for the screenshots... :) . One is for the SANTAMARO called "FUEL" and the other one is for the DEBBIE E-CLASS called "Chromed Benz"...both made by the master CWR...u can download the models of this ones on "Toxic Ragers" That's all friends!...  Whip-OUT!

"FUEL" skin for the CWR's SANTAMARO model..."CHROMED BENZ" for the "Debbie E-Class" model made by CWR

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