When the history of this millennium is written, there will be many stories with regard to our significant advances in technology. The revolution in online services - together with the advent of Internet technology - has made household phrases of words like e-mail, Internet and ISP. Prodigy was at the forefront of this technological revolution. Only 9 years ago, we rolled out the new Prodigy service to a national audience - with 9600 baud modems! Soon, Prodigy members were making travel reservations through Easy Sabre's ordering merchandise from major retailers's playing fantasy baseball with people across the country they had never met's reading news as it was updated during the day and more. It was a new way of communicating, and Prodigy members were blazing the trail. But Prodigy has created a legacy that is much more than the technology it pioneered. Our true legacy lies with you - our loyal Prodigy Classic customers. With Prodigy, you have fostered life-long friendships, obtained vital medical information, exchanged ideas and built communities and relationships that will last forever. For this we applaud you - our Prodigy Classic members!

Prodigy and American Airlines
provide EASY SABRE reservations system

Prodigy launches Baseball Manager

Prodigy sponsors NASCAR

Prodigy's first Website

One of the very first Prodigy disks, circulated in 1988, and reserved for use by our "founding members."

Prodigy was the "online service that offers everything from soup to nuts." This snack pack was given away on various commuter airlines - and travelers got a Prodigy disk along with their nuts!

In 1993, the Prodigy membership kit looked like this, and read "Connect to the online service where millions communicate, have fun and find the information they need every day."

Remember the Prodigy Star newsletter? Each month, it told you where to find the best and newest content on Prodigy.

"Earth Share finds Prodigy a good environment." In 1993, Prodigy won the Silver Bell Award from the Ad Council for featuring a pro bono advertisement/quiz about conservation. Earth Share received more responses via Prodigy than through all other media combined.

"Home Sweet Home" - that's the message of support the Prodigy Military and Veterans Community sent to the troops in Bosnia. This support took the form of postcards and pencils that were airdropped to the troops so they can write home and let their families know how they were doing.

There's nothing like the close-knit communities on Prodigy.
From parenting and geneology to Food and Wine, these disks
and disk covers were circulated by moderators at various events
and seminars