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My Stories

RUN - (PG)Scully decides that the good of the one outweighs the good of the many. A post "Biogenesis" vignette.

FIRST KISS - (PG) The title explains it all. A mini-vignette.

PERCHANCE TO DREAM(It's finally done!) - Mulder and Scully investigate a string of mysterious suicides, and run into some unexpected trouble themselves. Rated mostly PG-13 with some NC-17 mixed in! X-File, MSR, Angst.

CHICKEN WINGS - (NC-17) Scully's having One Of Those Days, and boy is she in a mood!

THE REVELATIONS SERIES - Can love survive the end of the world?

Revelations I: I Saw A Pale Horse - (PG-13)
Revelations II: The Morning Star - (R)
Revelations III: The Moon Beneath Her Feet - (NC-17)
Revelations IV: Fire and Hail - (R)
Revelations V: Water of Life - (NC-17)
The final chapter

MERRY FREAKIN' CHRISTMAS - (PG) Mulder has a strange visitor on Christmas Eve

TURN AROUND - (PG) Scully contemplates what shoulda', coulda', woulda' happened, but didn't.
AKA 'It's a long ride in the desert with only Morris Fletcher and a pocketful of sunflower seeds for company'

WHAT I WANTED - (PG-13) Scully reflects on the meaning of past loves

NOM de GUERRE - (G) by Justin Glasser. Okay, so this isn't my story - but I was moved to write a companion piece to it, with the author's permission of course. Read this first, then mine below...

NOM de GUERRE II - (G) The power of words unspoken

12 HOURS - (R) What happens after The End?

BELIEVE - (PG) Mulder has a conversation with his 5 year old daughter.
Okay, I will warn you - this one's kinda sad!

THE VOW - (PG) Secret thoughts at a wounded friend's bedside

A NIGHT LIKE THIS - (R) Scully dreams with eyes wide open

DAYS OF FUTURE PAST-(R) An evil from Mulder's past returns, and uses Scully as Mulder-bait.

Mulder goes off the deep end over the pain he's caused her. Can he ever forget
the past long enough to see what's right in front of him? Angst-O-Rama!

ALPHA & OMEGA-(NC-17) A little story from Scully's heart, revealing that she knows Mulder
better than he knows himself.Shameless Plug! This story was included on the 1998 Top 20 list on the
X-Files Romantics Fanfic Archive (click here to go to this great archive!)

ALPHA & OMEGA: The Beginning-(PG-13) Words from Mulder's heart

ALPHA & OMEGA: Finale- (PG) The end of a love story... or is it?

SAY THE WORDS (R) Scully has a date, and the green eyed monster has taken over Mulder

ANGELS, WATCH OVER ME-(PG-13) Scully struggles with depression after Emily's death

SONATA- A poem

GETHSEMANE,Part I: Waiting In The Garden-(PG-13) Post-episode story. Scully, believing that Mulder is dead, struggles to accept his loss and her own impending death

GETHSEMANE,Part II: Field of Blood-(PG-13) Continuation of part I.

CHRISTMAS COOKIES-(G) Mulder and Scully celebrate the season

TREASURES-(PG) Mulder's grown daughter discovers an old journal of Scully's

VIVIR {To Live}-(PG) Scully rebuilds her life after her cancer goes into remission

A HEARTBEAT AWAY-(PG) Mulder's mother dies suddenly, leaving him to deal with unanswered
questions and unspoken emotions

GRACE-(PG) What *really* happened between the time that Mulder shot Modell, and "I say we
don't let him take another minute of our time."

PENANCE-(PG) Mulder deals with Scully's abduction

PENANCE II: Attrition-(PG) Scully has been returned after her abduction, and remains
in a coma. Mulder, at her bedside, reflects on their relationship

PENANCE III: Redemption-(PG) Scully is recovering after her abduction, and is about to
be discharged from the hospital. We continue to see the experience from Mulder's POV.

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