The Summer 1997 YouCant Awards

Unless otherwise noted, each image is the intellectual property of the person who submitted it. Please get permission (in most cases via the provided email links) of the person who created an image before saving it to your hard drive, floppy drive or any other recordable media, or posting it on the internet. In other words, these images stay here unless you get permission. Thanks!

First Place

Let's all give a big hand to the hands down winner of the Summer 1997 YouCant Awards, Roger Sorensen (web page

No. Dear God No!!!

Runners Up

From Brady Gage. This is a masterpiece because I hate smurfs.

From John Foster. Painfully relevant.

Tellis K. Coolong contributed many celebrity crossovers, and Claire Danes was one of my favorites.

This astonishing DS9/Star Wars crossover comes from Martin Hajek (web page

From Chris Sutor. No comment.

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