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February 8


   3D Shooters
: Shogo: Mobile Armor Division
  Shogo is an anime (Japanese animation) inspired FPS, Monolith's second 3D Shooter, and the first to use Lith's in-house engine, LithTech.

In Shogo you play the role of Sanjuro, a former lieutenant in the UCASF. Your goal is to eliminate a terrorist leader by the name 'Gabriel.' However, things get a little more complicated.

What makes Shogo so great is obviously the anime inspired graphics, lightning fast gameplay, but most of all, the ability to play in a 60ft. tall Mobile Armor (mecha), as well as on foot, doubling the amount of weapons you have at your disposal. Shogo DM is totally awesome, nothing better than crusing down the street in vehicle mode while weaving rockets whiz past your head and collide against a building with a loud boom.
Don't just take my word for it, Shogo recieved DM Game of the Year from LANparty.com, as well as LoonyGames.com. For more information on Shogo, visit the official Shogo:MAD webpage!

Order Shogo:MAD here.
Also available: Shogo: MAD soundtrack!

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