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GameHost is the ultimate utility for game server administrators.

Name Date Size Description
GameHost 1.50.0002 17-Dec-99 1,630KB Version 1.50.0002 of GameHost.


Windows CE Games

Name Date Size Description
Martians! 2.8 25-May-99 338KB Like Space Invaders and Gorf. Includes setup and versions for Handheld and Palm-size PCs 2.0 or higher.
Sabotage 2.81 23-Aug-99 458KB A classic returns!  Includes setup and versions for Handheld and Palm-size PCs 2.0 or higher.


Windows CE 2.0 Screen Savers

Name Date Size Description
Screen Saver
Engine 1.2
23-Aug-99 140KB Screen savers for your color WinCE 2.0 (or better) handheld PC!
Funky Spheres
Screen Saver 1.2
23-Aug-99 195KB Our premiere Windows CE screen saver.  (Requires the Screen Saver Engine 1.1)

Windows CE Utilities

Name Date Size Description

Display Colors Applet

14-Mar-98 130KB Finally you can change the color scheme on your WinCE 2.0 device!
SnapIt 1.1 Screen Capture 28-Aug-99 142KB Take great color screen shots of your WinCE 2.0 device!
Chat 19-Nov-97 36KB Don't take notes in your meetings--chat with your friend over infrared!


Screen Savers for Windows PCs

Name Date Size Description
Funky Spheres
Screen Saver 1.0
15-Jul-98 131KB Spheres galore!
Chicken Walker 1.0 15-Jul-98 107KB Thanks to our kitties for being models for the chicken legs.


These are the final versions of QView and QHost.  We won't be selling any more new QHost licenses.

Name Date Size Description
QView 5.0 09-Jan-99 281KB Internet game browser and front-end to QHost.  No run-time DLLs required.
QHost 5.0 09-Jan-99 485KB Final version of QHost.  No run-time DLLs required.


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Last modified: December 18, 1999