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Justin "Zorko" Grill
This FAQ is for all owners and prospective buyers of the Pro-Lite. All opinions expressed in here are mine, and the other voices in my head. If you wish to copy this FAQ make sure somewhere Justin "Zorko" Grill (Hey that's me!) is given credit for this wonderful piece of writing. Feel free to link this FAQ to your website, Thanks.


The Pro-Lite is a top of the line paintball gun. It has reliable solid performance that will make any weekend warrior more than happy. The Pro-Lite is also rugged enough to be a great rental gun, in fact its generally considered to be the best field rental gun. And its got enough add-ons to turn it into a tournament paintball gun (regardless what auto-whatever owners have to say.)


Name: Pro-Lite
Length: 24" with standard barrel, 32" with 12 oz. tank and standard barrel
Weight: 2lbs
Type: Open-bolt blowback semi-automatic
Warranty: 1 year from date bought
External Construction:

Tippmann Pneumatics inc.

Tippmann is an excellent company who puts the player first. They make good performing guns at a reasonable price, and make those guns very reliable. If a problem should arise (very doubtful) Tippmann will conveniently fix and return it to you in no time. All those attributes earned Tippmann Manufacture of the Year for 1997.

Good points of a Pro-Lite

Not so good points of a Pro-Lite

*-bad points can be fixed

How to fix the not so good points

Aftermarket Goodies

A couple of years ago when the Pro-Lite first came out, it had very little upgrades. How times have changed. Now the Pro-Lite is one of the top customizable guns you can buy. As you read on, you will see what I mean.
These are the friends who help you even the score with tricked out Automags and Autocockers. This is what I know, feel free to give me any other products I left out.



Note: it is widely believed that aftermarket bolts are not as good as the stock bolt. Plus aftermarket bolts tend to mess up your gun. You might be wise spending your money elsewhere.


Tank Adapters

Expansion Chambers/Regulators


Feed Systems

Note: The stock feed is very good. It can keep up with you no matter if you put a trigger job on your Pro-Lite or if you're a really fast shooter. What many players have a problem with is that the feeder cuts holes in the hopper. Or they dislike the forgrip. All of these upgrades will either eliminate the forgrip and/or will not cut holes in the hopper.

The moment you're all waiting for. . . . . .
The wannabe Glenn Palmer do-it yourself upgrades!!!!

Note: I am not responsible for any of your numbnut actions. you will probably not be injured/killed if you don't have any CO2 and or paintballs or .68 cal. toy bouncy balls (do not mess with these!!). But you can screw your gun up. If your gun does contain paintballs or bouncy balls and or CO2 while you do these modifications you can shoot your wall, lose an eye, lose your pride, get CO2 frostbite, or blow up your house. That's the warning. HAVE A NICE DAY.

How good is the Pro-Lite??

I have shot many guns this past year when I was searching for a new gun. I must say that the Pro-Lite is one of the best ways to go. True it is not the gun for everyone, if you want a compact gun the Pro-Lite is definitely not for you. But there are many features that make this a great gun for a lot of people. Its accurate, reliable, rugged, upgradable, and light weight. Those are characteristics of a winner. The Pro-Lite when equipped with the same gear as the other guns is more accurate then a Mag, and more reliable than an Autococker (accuracy between these two are too close to tell). Plus this is one of the best guns out of the box that money can buy. As all of these statements prove this is an excellent gun who deserves to be considered in the same class as Autocockers and Automags.


I hope this FAQ gave new info for Pro-Lite owners and will help give the Pro-Lite the respect it deserves. As far as follow ups, I am in the process of writing in a Pro-Lite accessories FAQ which will be out in about 2-3 months, and will do a Pro-Lite barrel test in the spring. In the meantime, enjoy the FAQ.

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