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Clinton-Gore Illegal Campaign Fundraising, Chinese Espionage, 
and U.S.Technology Transfer to PRC

The official, unclassified version of the Cox Report can be viewed at
http://www.house.gov/coxreport or http://hillsource.house.gov
Weldon Blasts Reno, Justice Department 
in Wake of Revelations of LaBella Memo (03/10/00)

Weldon Article from the RNC's Rising Tide: The China Connection -- Why Clinton-Gore Cannot Be Trusted with National Security (09/28/99)

Weldon Article from Insight Magazine: Newstand Nukes -- DOE Secretary Hazel O'Leary gave away the W-87 diagram to U.S. News and World Report; Classified design of nuclear warhead made availble to every foreign intelligence agency (8/3/99)

DOE Sells Supercomputer in 150,000 to 200,000 MTOPS range to Chinese National; Weldon Calls for Resignation of Energy Secretary Bill Richardson (7/23/99)

Text of Weldon Letter to Richardson Asking for His Resignation (7/23/99)

Text of Weldon Letter to FBI Director Louis Freeh Asking for Investigation into Supercomputer Sale (7/23/99)

Weldon, Seventeen Other Members of Congress, Send Letter to Energy Department Secretary Richardson on treatment of DOE Whistleblower Ed McCallum (7/16/99)

Text of Weldon's Prepared Testimony Before the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee on DOE and DOD Whistleblowers (6/24/99)

Weldon to Testify on Clinton Administration Retaliation Against Whistleblowers Who Raised Concerns About Chinese Espionage and Dangers to U.S. National Security (06/23/99)

Weldon Circulates Dear Colleague Asking Members of Congress to Co-Sign Letter to Energy Secretary Richardson in Support of DOE Whistleblower Edward McCallum (06/23/99)

Weldon Column: Cox Report Details Damage to U.S. National Security (06/14/99)

Outrage of the Week: Did Energy Department Secretary Hazel O'Leary Leak Nuclear Secrets to the Media? (06/11/99)

Diagram of W-87 Warhead Leaked to U.S. News and World Report

Weldon Pushes for Increased Defense Department Oversight of U.S. Export Licensing and Policy; Clinton-Gore Administration Approved Export of Sensitive Technologies to China (06/09/99)

Weldon Delivers Floor Speech Providing Additional Information Related to the Cox Committee Report (06/08/99)

DOE Whistleblower Edward McCallum faces retaliation from Clinton-Gore Administration (06/08/99)

Weldon Delivers Floor Statement Detailing the Clinton Administration's Failure to Protect U.S. Nuclear Secrets from Chinese Espionage (06/07/99)

The Clinton-Gore Administration has ignored Chinese Proliferation of Weapons Related Technologies and Violations of Arms Control Agreements (06/07/99)

Weldon Details Connections Between the Clinton-Gore Administration's Removal of Export Controls on Sensitive Technologies, PLA Front Companies, Campaign Contributions, and Influence Peddling (05/27/99)

What the Charts Show (05/27/99)

Chart 1:  The China Connection (pdf 1.8 - mb) (05/27/99)

Chart 1: The China Connection (pdf - 23 kb) Reduced in size courtesy of Paul Drallos (06/04/99)

Sources and References for Chart 1 (05/27/99)

Chart 2:  Timeline of Liberalized/Decontrolled Technologies to PRC (pdf - 5.4 mb) (5/27/99)

Chart 2: (pdf - 16 kb) Again reduced courtesy of Paul Drallos (06/04/99)

Text of a September 1993 letter from President Clinton to Silicon Graphics CEO Edward McCracken promising to liberalize export controls of computers, machine tools, and telecommunications technologies (pdf - 4 mb) (05/27/99)

Clearer version of September 1993 letter (pdf - 7 kb) Courtesy of Paul Drallos (06/04/99)

Weldon to Present New Details on China Tech Transfers; Will Unveil Links Between PLA Front Companies, Campaign Contributions and the Clinton-Gore Administration's Relaxed Export Controls on Sensitive Technologies - (05/26/99)

Statement of Congressman Weldon on the release of the Cox Report - (05/25/99)
Congressman Weldon wants to hear your feedback!

U.S. National Security and Commercial Concerns with the People's Republic of china

Dear American Patriot,

This section of my web site is dedicated to providing the American public with as much information as possible on U.S. technology transfers to China, Chinese espionage, the relaxation of export controls on sensitive technologies, and the Clinton-Gore Administration role in this irreparable harm to our national security.

Some of the information contained on this page is downright scary.  But I am more angry than scared.  It angers me that our government could fail the American people and allow this to happen.  The damage done to our national security will last for decades and will certainly impact the lives of America's children.

I will be regularly updating this page with the latest information as it becomes available to me, so I hope that you will check it often. And remember, you have a voice.  Contact your Member of Congress or the White House and let them know how outraged you are by these events. 

Thanks again for your concern and visit again soon.


Curt Weldon
Member of Congress

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