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Lizard Dance
Attention Hamster Fans!
The Hamsters are on a little vacation until next week.
In the mean time, enjoy some of our other sites! =)

Some of the most entertaining sites on the net are not created by big companies trying to sell you their products. Most are made by folks like you and me! Because these sites don't have any serious marketing behind them, they often don't draw the crowds they deserve. Furthermore, the "creme of the crop" sites have always been scattered throughout cyberspace, making them difficult to locate. To make matters worse, there was no way to tell the nutty sites apart from the boring sites without visiting each one. This site was created to break down these barriers. It exists to provide a comprehensive collection of the best "nutty" sites on the net. We are dedicated to the promotion and awareness of entertaining, clever, funny, and plain old nutty sites! Please help us get the word out by telling your friends about our site.

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