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  Rage in the Cage!

Roberto "Maguilla" Marques

Neutralgrounds Results!

Neutralgrounds pictures



EXCLUSIVE Interviews:
* Paula Romero
* Paul Smith
* Kaoru Uno
* Saulo Ribeiro
* Dan Severn
* Roberto Marques
* Jens Pulver
* Sakuraba
* Amaury Bitetti
* Pele
* Chuck Liddell II
* Wallid Ismail
* Mario Yamasaki
* Bob Shamrock
* Val Ignatov
* Ron Waterman 2
* Remco Pardoel
* Carlson Gracie
* Cal Worsham
* Carlo Barreto
* Mayra Conde
* Pedro Rizzo
* Sergio Batarelli
* Ron "H2OMAN" Waterman
* Chuck Liddell
* Bas Rutten after UFC XX
* Marco Ruas
* Bas Rutten
* Ricco Rodriguez

Does Royce have a chance against Kerr or Igor?

Yes he will win!
Who Cares


Should the pic of the day stay?

I don't care


Who will win Pride GP

Royce Gracie
Mark Kerr
Igor Vovchanchin


Which organization is the best?



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Latest Things Added:

Here is the new Very moderated
Here is a log in board so there will be no BS! Bravenet deleted my other board and account!

Here is the other messageboard!!!
Do not Abuse the rights to free speech!

I will be updating Top Dogs corner with some special pictures tonight or tomorrow. See Tyson and Kerr together! Also added the Paula Romero Interview. Check it out HERE
Updated EYADA page. Also added some news below. www.sherdog.com is up but I need to get the geocities codes out. also I will have some very special videos up on the new site very soon!

Added the UFC JapanIII. Also will update the events list today and updated the EYADA page.
Added quick results of The Warriors Challenge 6! More tomorrow about this great night of fighting. Also took 7 rolls of film, So plenty of pictures coming!!

Rage in the Cage!
Pic of the Day!

Check out these videos!!!! Special thanks to Dave Bacher! View them while he has these up!
Tamura vs Renzo at Rings Tourney Final KOK (first part of round 1)
Tamura vs Renzo at Rings Tourney Final KOK (first part of round 2)
Babalu vs Kohler from WEF 8!(this is just the kick to the head)


04/04/00- Shooto Results
Masashi Kita defeated Ryota Ibaraki by arm bar 1R 4'03
Seichi Ikemoto draw Yuji Kusu (18-19,19-19,19-19)
Hiroshi Umemura defeated Wild Usami by TKO 2'03
Shogun Kawakatsu defeated Tomonori Ohara by arm bar 2'26
Takanori Gomi defeated Vandelson Pavaon by decision 3-0 (30-27,30-25,30-25 )
Masanori Suda defeated Yuki Sasaki by decision 3-0 (29-28,29-27,29-27 )
Alexander F. Nogueira defeated Mamoru Ohkouchi by decison 3-0 (30-27,30-27,30-27 )
Kaoru Uno defeated Dennis Hallman by decison 3-0 (29-28,30-28,30-29 )

04/04/00- WEF 9
WEF 9 May 13 in Muncie, Indiana. This looks to be another incredible card that WEF is putting together!
Fight Card
Marcus "Conan" Silveira vs. Dan "The Beast" Severn

David Dodd vs. Gary Myers

Matt Hughes vs. Chris Brennan

Jose "Pele" Landi vs. Dave Menne

Carlos Newton vs. Karl Schmidt

Bobby Hoffman vs. Carry "Meat Truck" Schall

Brandon Lee Hinkel vs. Yoshihisa Yamamoto

Mansour Heidari vs. Wataru Sakata

Jens Pulver vs. Eric Hibler

Preliminary Fights
Din Thomas vs. Don Banville

Lewis Burgett vs. Eddy Moore
* card subject to change

04/04/00- Rage in the Cage XII
Roland Sarria's Rage in the Cage XII the "Battle for King of the Octagon" is heating up. This event will mark the debut of a specially constructed 8 foot tall steel Octagon Cage, plus a high-tech electric runway for the fighters entrance. The lovely and classy Budweiser ring girls will be there for your added enjoyment. Roland Sarria is very excited to showcase some new talent at this event. There will be 12 bouts including three heavyweight Super Fights:

Mike "Tiger" Wilson
6'1 / 310 lbs, Pit Fighting Academy
John "Bonecrusher" Baker
6'1 / 255 lbs, Brausa Jiu-Jitsu

Allen "A-Dawg" Sullivan
6'0 / 215 lbs, Savage Te Dawg Pound
Shane "Battlecat" Johnson
6'1 / 245 lbs, Brausa Jiu-Jitsu

Jason "Cobra" Middaugh
6'6 / 225 lbs, Yuma Jiu-Jitsu Academy
Andy "Viking" Siivola
6'6 / 245 lbs, Brausa Jiu-Jitsu

Don't miss this event
Wednesday, April 12th
Rodeo Nights, Phoenix Arizona
Doors open at 6PM, Fight Time 7:30PM

03/29/00- UFC Japan III
Yoji Anjo vs. Murilo Bustamante
Tito Ortiz vs. Vanderlei Silva
Sanae Kikuta vs. Eugene Jackson
Ikuhisa Minowa vs. Joe Slick
Satoshi Honma vs. Ron Waterman
Daiju Takase vs. Laverne Clark

03/26/00- WARRIORS CHALLENGE 6 quick results
March 25th Table Mountain Casino Fresno, CA

IFC-USA Middleweight Championship Fight
GroundZero Tournament Champion Concord, CA. 180lbs/5'10" Gracie Ju Jitsu
Defeated by submission
Jake Schilitz
San Luis Obispo, CA 178lbs/5'10" SLO-Kickboxing Wrestling/Submission

IFC North American Lightweight Championship Fight
Warrior's Challenge Champion San Jose, CA 160lbs/5'9" Warrior's Lodge
Defeated by submission
Frank Colcher
Battle Ground 2000 Toronto, Canada 160lbs/5'5"Pankration

IFC North American Light-Heavyweight Championship Fight
Steve Heath
Warrior's-Challenge Champion Lodi, CA 190lbs/5'9" Shamrock 2000
Defeated by verbal submission!(Cramp)
Anthony Macias
Former IFC Heavy Weight Champion
Dallas, TX 185lbs/5'10" The Gym Fight Team Tae Kwon Do/Sambo

MAIN EVENT - Contenders to the Heavyweight Title
Vladimir Matyushenko
Former IFC World Heavyweight Champion 210lbs/6'1" Belarus, Russia RAW Team
Defeated by unanimous decision
John Marsh
Former Neutral Grounds Heavyweight Champion 220lbs/6'0" Los Angeles, CA Neutral Grounds

03/22/00- Paul Smith Interview
Read about the IFC event coming up this weekend and also the fights that were under fire that took place at neutralgrounds. also find out how the California rules are coming along! This is a very interesting interview and I would like to thank Paul to take time during his busy week to answer the questions!

03/20/00- Japan news!
Rings announced April 20th event fight cards! Here is "Millennium Combine "Rings April 20th fight card
K. Tamura vs G. Yvel ( Title match )
Y. Yamamoto vs J. Horn
V. Han vs B. Hoffman
H. Kanehara vs R. Babalu
A. Kopylov vs R. Arona
W. Sakata vs B. L. Hinkle
Y. Namekawa vs A. Overeem

Rings also announced Rings fighters will compete in World Extreme Fighting on May 13th.
Y. Yamamoto vs B. L. Hinkle
W. Sakata vs L. Burgett

B. Hoffman ,D. Menne, M. C. Silveira , C. Newton will be compete in the WEF event.

03/13/00- Ron Waterman!
I got a email from Ron and he told me he has a new website up! Check it out here!
He also told me he will be in the next UFC in Japan! Ron just emailed back and told me his opponent will be Sitoshi Honma! A pride fighter from Pride 4 and 5!

03/13/00- Royce press conference!
Royce's side had a press conference today. They insisted strongly to change the rules of the tournament matches.

1)Quarter final and semi-final : Unlimited number of rounds. 1 round 15 minutes.
Final : Unlimited number of rounds. 1 round 20 minutes. 2)No decision at all.
3)Royce loses only when Royce himself taps or second throws a towel.
4)No referee or doctor stop for Royce(okay for opponents!).

Royce stated he would cancel the tournament if they are not accepted. He also said he may do a special match when he doesn't attend the tourney. DSE side were surprised as they did not know the contents of their request. They will respond within two weeks which is the time limit made by Royce.


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