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Monterey/64 becomes the first UNIX Operating System to run on Intel's Merced Chip

September 1999

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  Dupont, Washington...September 16, 1999 -- IBM , Intel, SCO and Sequent today announced they achieved a major development milestone in getting the Monterey for IA-64 version of the UNIX operating system (code name Monterey/64) up and running on Intel Merced hardware in less than 24 hours. Monterey/64 is the first commercial UNIX operating system to run on Merced hardware. Today's announcement underscores the commitment of the Monterey participants to establish Monterey/64 as the leading volume, commercial, enterprise-class UNIX operating system for the Intel IA-64 microprocessor and IBM POWER processor architectures.

    "Getting Monterey/64 up and running on Intel hardware in less than a day is an extraordinary achievement," said Rajiv Samant, general manager, UNIX brand, IBM Corporation. "With this milestone, we have overtaken Sun, HP and others in the industry. When you combine this achievement with the growing support from systems and software companies, it is clear that we are on the path of making Monterey the lead UNIX operating system."

    "Monterey/64 is the leading enterprise UNIX operating environment for customers and independent software developers," said Mike Fister, general manager, enterprise server group, Intel Corporation. "This significant development milestone shows that Monterey/64 has completed several significant steps and is on a roll to be available with Merced processor systems when Merced ships next year."

    "Getting the Monterey/64 operating system up and running on real silicon enables us to get to the next level of engagement with our common ISVs and OEMs," said Mike Orr, senior vp worldwide marketing, SCO. "We will now see an acceleration in 64-bit hardware design and development, and more ISVs actively porting to UnixWare 7 on IA/32 platforms and AIX on POWER platforms as they prepare for the release of Monterey/64."

    "At the announcement of the Project Monterey initiative, we committed to delivering a product ready for Intel's Merced launch," said Jeff Pancottine, vice president global marketing, Sequent. "This latest milestone demonstrates that we are positioned not only to ship systems at the launch of Merced, but also to achieve leadership time to market."

Last month, IBM, SCO and Sequent successfully demonstrated the Apache Webserver on Monterey/64 on the Intel Merced simulator at the Intel Developer's Forum in Palm Springs, Calif. The port of Apache Webserver to Monterey/64 was accomplished in a day through a simple compile-and-go and proves the migration of applications to Monterey/64 will be very straightforward.

Industry momentum for Project Monterey continues to grow at a rapid pace, with many leading hardware companies on board, including Acer, Bull, Compaq, CETIA ( a subsidiary of Thomson-CF), IBM Netfinity servers, ICL, Sequent, Unisys and most recently, Samsung Electronics. Project Monterey also continues to add new independent software developers and providers. Cygnus Solutions, a leader in open-source software, this week announced an agreement with IBM to provide Cygnus GNUPro and Code Fusion software development tools, optimized for the AIX operating system and Project Monterey, on the IA-64 platform.

Project Monterey Background

Announced last October, Project Monterey is a major UNIX operating system initiative led by IBM, SCO, Sequent, Intel, and accepted by leading OEMs, including Compaq. As part of this initiative, a volume, shrink-wrapped UNIX operating system is being developed for Intel's IA-64 processors using technologies from the IBM AIX operating system, SCO UnixWare operating system and Sequent's enterprise technologies. OEMs who already have announced their support for Project Monterey include Acer, Bull, Compaq, CETIA ( a subsidiary of Thomson-CF), IBM Netfinity servers, ICL, Unisys and most recently, Samsung Electronics.

Leading software companies have announced their support for the UNIX software. The objective of the Project Monterey initiative is to establish a volume, enterprise-class, UNIX product line that runs across Intel IA-32 and IA-64 processors and IBM's POWER processors in systems that range from departmental to large data center servers.

Other leading ISVs that have announced support for Project Monterey are Baan, BEA Systems, Compuware, Cygnus Solutions, Data Pro Accounting Software, Informix, Merant Micro Focus, Netscape Communications Corporation, Novell, PeopleSoft, Pick Systems, Progress Software, Rational, Real World, Risk Management Technology, Software AG, SAS Institute, TakeFive, Tivoli, Viador, as well as BMC Software, daly.commerce, Facet, Geac SmartEnterprise Solutions, ISOCOR, J.D. Edwards, Marcam Solutions, Parasoft, Sanchez, Sapiens International N.V., Sendmail and TIBCO.


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