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ADC Resources
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ADC News
Important up-to-the-minute technical, business, and program information for developers. Also available by email for ADC Members.
QuickTime web site
Apple's QuickTime Web Pages. Includes technical pointers and important QuickTime developer information.
Java web site
Apple's MRJ Developer Page. Includes new releases and important Java developer information.
Macintosh Products Guide
Localized guide to software and hardware for the Macintosh. You can find, add or remove your products, list URLs where your products are available, and update your information!
QuickTime for Java
QuickTime for Java brings together Java and QuickTime, allowing developers to create Java software that takes advantage of the power of QuickTime on both Macintosh and Windows. QuickTime for Java harnesses the native power of QuickTime via Java creating an excellent Java multimedia framework.
Overview | Installation | Getting Started
QuickTime for Java 4.1
Apple is happy to announce the release of QuickTime for Java 4.1. It has been released as part of QuickTime 4.1. QTJ 4.1 contains improved support for custom controllers, better region support, and improved support for media streaming. [January 19]
QuickTime for Java: A Developer Reference
Apple's all-in-one reference and tutorial book for Java developers who want to access the power and functionality of QuickTime through Java. [August 11]
QuickTime Development Resources
New to developing with QuickTime? You will find many useful links, resources and suggestions for starting points here.
Macintosh Java Development Resources
New to developing Java on the Mac? You will find many useful links, resources and suggestions for starting points here.
QuickTime Javadocs
Javadocs for the latest release of QuickTime for Java.
Introduction to Java Programming Tutorial
An online tutorial covering the basics of Java Programming for the Macintosh. Use this resource to get started using Java on the Mac.
QuickTime Mailing Lists
Mailing lists run by Apple & others. Includes QuickTime-Java and MRJ-Dev.

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