Consumer focus at Comdex/PacRim
Online sevices change to meet ISP threat at Internet World
Positive values focus of Atlantic Internet show

[TCP Test labs]
Lasers for the desktop
Impressive results from $1,000 printers
Desktop laser printer survey

[TCP Test labs]
Tools to unlock the artist in all of us
Software gives creations a professional touch

[News and reviews]

Acer buys TI notebook business
Microsoft launches Office 97
New suite boasts improved online integration

Internal financing can be highly effective

Java tool for guided Web tours
Weaving your own Web site: Part XVIII
Style sheets: Part I
Parody as a defence to copyright infringement in Canada
World Star's challenge to hackers nets bank contract

The buzz on sound cards
A quick peek at what's on the market
Modem speakerphones turn your PC into an answering service

PC alternatives struggle for focus
Dell unveils high-end server
NC vs Windows 95 cost-of-ownership
Paperless planet?
PowerPC charts uncertain water
PC workstations muscle in

Corel's amputee CD-ROM
Unique content spices up geography CD-ROM

Share files with our Macintosh buddies
Translation software helps bridge the PC-Mac gap

IBM releases venerable encyclopedia on CD

Simulated flights of fancy

Web authoring tools grow up
Creating an electronic presence: Part I

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