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Samplitude-SMPTE V3.0 - the leading hard disk recording and sampling software for the AMIGA!

Look at the long list of features. It's impressive, it's incredible! The AMIGA platform was the very first operating system that Samplitude was released on and it's still available today. If you own an AMIGA computer and want to do digital multi track recording and audio editing of it's finest, Samplitude SMPTE is for you!

Price: DM 399.00 (Upgrade from older versions: DM 99.00)
Operating System

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Large Screenshot (119 Kbytes)

Click here to download the demo!

For more information, please contact:
SEK'D Germany
Compuserve: 100116,2352


Here is a list of features:

  • 8 virtual tracks on 68040 or faster AMIGAs
  • Support of the Toccata, MaestroPro and Prelude sound cards
  • High quality parametric EQs with 3D FFT Display
  • Real-time Surround effect for creating surround sound
  • Im- and Export of Windows-Wave- and AIFF-Files
  • Highly optimized playback and mixing routines
  • All record and playback functions can be synchronized to MTC or SMPTE/LTC (using the SEK`D SMPTE interface - DM 299.00 )
  • Noise Reduction for eliminating noise, hum etc. without quality loss
  • New dynamics tools (compressor, expander, limiter, gate) in true studio quality
  • Convolution module for creating natural reverb sound etc. based on impulse response patterns
  • MIDISys window is optional, serial port is only locked when needed for MIDI/SMPTE
  • Support of the new Prelude sound card
  • Mathematical Coprocessor needed
  • Track-Bouncing for converting 8 virtual tracks into a new file, that's why no track limit
  • MIDI-Sample-Dump for transferring data to and from MIDI samplers
  • Runs in Multitasking with MIGNON-SMPTE (40 track MIDI sequencer, DM 399.00), bundle Samplitude-SMPTE + MIGNON-SMPTE = DM 599.00

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